hairstylist cutting curly hair

As a society we have grown accustomed to educating ourselves about our hair...

in every category--from figuring out which cuts flatter us, to which color brings out skin complexion, to following methods which will enhance our hair's natural texture. A lot of these tips and tricks we've picked up from our stylists. And when you finally find that one that understands your hair and your needs, you build a long-lasting, trustworthy relationship with him or her. And relationships work both ways.

It's just as important that the stylist gets to know their client, as it is for the client to be honest with them about their needs and requests.

Here's what they should be asking in order to initiate a trustworthy relationship and to assure you that your hair is in good hands.

Here is what your hairdresser should be asking you:

1. "How frequently do you enjoy having your hair professionally done?"

If you've been trimming your own hair at home and skipping visits, your stylist can tell. Be completely honest.

2. "What is your occupation? How do you spend your free time?" 

If you work outdoors or in an office, chances are, your hair will pay the price from sun damage, heating and AC units.

3. "How often do you wash and style your hair at home?"

Depending on your lifestyle and style preferences, a hairdresser can suggest regimens that work best for you.

4. "How often do you work out?"

Hair from work to the gym gets treated differently, and may need a different style, or extra moisture, depending on the frequency.

5. "What do you love and not love about your hair?"

It is important for both you and your hairdresser to understand the pros and cons of your hair type, texture, length, etc.

6. "How much time do you spend in the morning or evening to style your hair?"

Again, this is a lifestyle question that should open a door for styling suggestions for your stylist.

7. "Are you open to change or trying something new?"

Many clients want the same style every visit. However, your stylist may have different ideas or other options that work into your lifestyle as well. Be open minded, as they are the expert in this situation.

8. "How much do you want to trim or cut off?"

Be detailed in this step with how much length you are OK with taking off.

9. "What products do you use regularly?"

Right off the bat, a stylist will usually tell you if the products you use on a regular basis are right for your hair type.

10. "What tools and products are you comfortable using at home?"

ou may own a diffuser and roller, but never use them. Let your stylist know what you use with ease and what you may need help in learning to take care of your new style.

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