Wavy hair is a conundrum in the textured hair world. On the one hand, it definitely isn’t straight! On the other hand, it can often have straight hair qualities. For instance, because wavy hair is looser than other textures, the natural oils on your head have an easier time running down the follicle. Thus, you don’t need tons of moisturizing product — which is why that heavy stuff makes your waves straighten out. It’s just too much!

Of course, there are advantages to being a wavy that offset your consistent light-weight hair product search that seemingly never will end (though we promise, it will!”>. For one, hairspray isn’t something you need to be afraid of.

For curly and coily hair types, hairspray is a big no-no given that the spray needs to be shampooed out — and type 3 and type 3 ladies don’t often shampoo. This results in greasy, frizzy, limp curls. But women with type 2 hair shampoo often — at least once a week. So for them, hairspray is the perfect way to keep fly-a-ways at bay and hairstyles in place.

Wind-Proof Wavy Hairstyles

For wavy hair that tends to separate, or for a smooth wavy hairstyle, mist an alcohol-free hairspray on styled hair. Gels hold your waves to their neighbors along their lengths, and this helps hold the shape of your wavy curls. Hairspray, however, holds waves where they touch and cross other waves, holding the shape of your style.

Be sure that if you use hairspray often that you opt for sprays that are environmentally friendly (just say no to aerosol”> and alcohol-free. Alcohol will dry out your curls and strip it of all the moisture your deep conditioning treatment from last month replenished.

Also, when using hairspray, shampooing is a must. If you aren’t keen on shampoo, low-poo instead.

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