kim kardashian

If you could name one thing that we naturals are obsessed with it would be oil. Coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, you name it, we love it. But it seems that there may be a new oil on the market that will be salon quality and will be sold at an affordable price.

In an interview with Fox FM's Fifi and Dave, Kim Kardashian claimed that the oil they used to make her glisten in that infamous Paper mag shoot was a new hair oil for her line "Kardashian Beauty." Interestingly enough, her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told the Daily News that it was actually baby oil. Either way, what interests us is the hair oil that Kardashian collaborated with the brand Farouk Systems (you may know them as CHI) to create, called Black Seed Dry Oil. 

WWD reports that this spring we can expect "seven styling products priced from $14 to $17: blow-dry cream, volume mousse, dry shampoo, dry conditioner, firm hair spray, curl cream" and of course the new oil. Kim even uses the oil on North West's curls to "slick it back and make it stay. I just use a drop of it, but then she brushes it and likes to mess it all up." Kim told WWD that "the main feedback that we hear is that everybody wants luxury products at an affordable price," and that may be true for the general population. But what curly women want is a solid list of ingredients that we can feel confident putting on our curls, so we'll reserve our judgement until we've seen a label. Judging by their creative (that's all we could think of) use of the product so far, we presume they'll be advertising its high shine benefits, we just hope that doesn't involve too many silicones.

Will you give it a try when it comes out? Let us know!