Watch Cristina's hair transformation from waist-length waves to an asymmetrical pixie haircut.

Our Content Editor Cristina cut her waist-length Type 2C wavy hair into a short pixie haircut. Follow her through her stylist consultation with Hairstylist of the Year Winner Allen Ruiz from Jackson Ruiz Salon. He listened to her needs and made her feel comfortable, even through the dreaded ponytail chop!  The cut is short on the back and sides, and longer on top. If you'd like to see the inspiration for this cut, check out Cristina's Pinterest board.

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If you have any advice or product recommendations for rocking short, curly hair, leave them in the comments.


Great haircut! My best advice is to check the dew point first thing everyday and use products accordingly. Do you know your hair properties? Porosity, texture? As you know, this is more important that curl pattern. For instance if you have low or normal porosity you should try protein treatments like Curl Junkie Repair Me - helps keep your curls/waves popping. I mostly use Curl Junkie and Curly Kinks but also like UFD curl magic. Enjoy your cute new hairstyle - looks terrific on you!

I use all salon-products when it comes to styling my hair; I mostly use Kenra styling gel but with this, a little dab will do ya, esp w/short hair like this. It will do wonders for adding body to the top of your hair without weighing it down (again, as long as you use a little dab - less than a dime-size) I have Lupus (SLE), Sjogren's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis & all the crap that comes w/these autoimmune diseases in addition to losing what little light perception I have remaining, which isn't much, from a retinal eye disease & optic nerve defects; the autoimmune diseases Lupus (SLE) & Sjogren's causes blindness as well so it is vital that I have easily manageable hair (I haven't had in ages now due to lack of finances, but when I did, I used this b/c it went a long way, had no build up, was easy to use b/c it didn't take much to get the look you wanted, and it was long-lasting & all day/evening hold. I was able to add a bit more to create nicer styles with short hair & even more hold when using a bit more than I did for day use, which is saying a lot since my hair tends to do what it wants to do regardless of what I want it to do & esp with the arthritis and lacking a flat iron to straighten in some places & wave in others. From what I am able to see via the zoom program in my screen reader, you're hair is adorable!

Wavy long, straight short! That is what would happen to me. Won't cut or layer. Been there, done that and it does nothing for me. She is cute with the cut though.