Disclaimer: This is not a step-by-step article on how a DevaCut is done. This is my experience and what I loved about it. If you do want the step-by-step version, check out the video at the bottom of the page that I made while getting my DevaCut.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have always gotten just a normal haircut. A haircut that always looks good with my straight hair, but if it’s too short, I won’t wear it wavy until it grows out. Before working at NaturallyCurly it just never dawned on me that there could be a haircut for wavy and curly hair. I am here to tell you that there is a haircut! It does exist!

This fabulous secret (that shouldn’t be a secret) is called a DevaCut. It’s for any type of curly hair from waves to serious curls. Before I got my cut I hadn’t done any research on what other people thought about theirs. I wanted to form my own opinion and hopefully be amazed by the results.

I got my DevaCut from Anna at Trashy Roots Salon and Spa in Round Rock, Texas, and she gave me a great walk-through of everything she would be doing to make my wavy hair even more wavy and fabulous. For those of you that think the DevaCut is a specific haircut, it is not. It doesn’t have its own style like a bob, but instead it is personalized to what you want for your hair. For myself, I wanted to take a few inches off but still keep my layers. I also let Anna know that I wear my hair straight 1-2 times a week so I wanted to make sure everything was even all the way across.

What makes this cut special is how they actually do it. First of all it is a dry haircut which makes it unlike anything else I have ever had done to my hair! Curls shrink up when they dry so if you get it cut wet the stylist, and not to mention you, don't have any idea how your curls will look when once it does dry. They take each individual curl or wave and cut it to whatever length you are wanting. They cut it at an angle so it doesn’t interrupt the curl pattern like cutting the hair straight does. It was really amazing to watch because she could cut each piece individually and get them all the same length seemed like quit the feat. Because I do straighten occasionally she kept that and mind and cut my underneath layer a little differently. My underneath dries straight. It’s really weird and sometimes frustrating, but she cut it a little shorter than everything else so it wouldn’t hang longer than everything else. Brilliant, I know.

When all was said and done she product-ed me up and sent me on my way with wavy hair. My hair has actually turned into more of a version of a curl instead of a wave, which is fascinating to me. The DevaCut has worked wonders on my hair. It made my hair so much healthier and helped the curl more than anything ever has. If you are looking for a haircut that is curly specific, this is your way to go.

Check out my video: