As curlies, we all know that getting those perfect loose curls doesn't just take time, it can also cost a lot of money. It's easy to get carried away with all the fabulous products and new-fangled technological products available to make our hair look its best.

However, budget-conscious curlies know that you don’t need to get all caught up in the latest fads in terms of the over-priced products. These ladies lead luxurious lives, not in debt because of their natural ‘do.

We’ve hunted down these tricks of the moderately priced trade to help you get out of hair debt.

Sleep On It

The first step to inexpensive beautiful curls is to put the product down and try all-natural methods. If you really want to get perfect loose curls on a budget—try sleeping on buns. Wash your hair either in the late afternoon or evening. Towel dry only to the point where your hair is not dripping wet.

Apply your favorite curl product, such as Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, which is relatively inexpensive, but works as much as the salon priced products.

Next, simply divide your hair into three, equal sections. Wrap each section in to a bun. Be sure to secure these buns tightly with either clips or bobby pins. Then simply go to sleep. When you wake up, check to see if the buns are completely dry. If they are still wet or damp, use a hair dryer to complete the process. Unwrap the buns and gently run your fingers through your hair. At this point you can use your curling iron to finish off the loose curl style.

Curling Iron Creations

For curlies that love the loose curls they get from curling irons, there are some products that you want to have on hand. Volumizing spray, thermal protection, mousse, shine serum, and hair spray are must-haves. For those of us on a budget, there are many wonderful products available at inexpensive prices.

After washing, apply the thermal protection spray and blow-dry as you normally would. Next, separate in to one-inch sections. Apply mouse to each section and then apply volumizing spray. This will add definition and provide a better end result.

When you begin to curl your hair with the curling iron, place it close to the roots and rotate it to a 180 degree angle. Only hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, otherwise you will get a much tighter curl.

After releasing the curling iron, wrap the curl around your finger and apply the shine serum and hair spray. If you want the curls to blend in, simply ruffle them up a bit with your fingers.

Got Shorter Hair?

When it comes to shorter hair, getting loose curls is fairly simple. It goes without saying that achieving this timeless, romantic look takes fewer products and less time. This is where your curling iron is your friend. You can do the same curling iron style above for loose curls that grab attention.

All wavies can greatly benefit from purchasing an inexpensive curling iron. Once you buy this product, you’ll be amazed to find that you can create a variety of looks without much product to hold. Less product means less build-up and curlier, more voluminous tresses.