Every once in a while something catches me totally by surprise. You would think that after more than three decades on earth and with a culture driven by social media this would seize to happen and nothing would surprise me anymore. (But yet again something has.”> My latest surprise is the new glitter beard trend. Even after seeing the name, I couldn’t conceive what this trend could possibly be about–I was sure it wasn’t supposed to be a literal description. But it is! Men with beards full of glitter and not just beards but eyebrows and moustaches and sideburns.

Chances are you have seen these images all over your Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr feeds.

In this day and age, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Not to let something as insignificant as a lack of a beard stop us, women have taken the glitter beard trend and made it our own and with that the glitter roots was born. Glitter roots can be more than just decorative; they can be functional, too. Some women are using glitter to hide dark roots growing into bottle blonde hair. Customize the trend to suit your own tastes due to the variety of color, textures and sizes in which glitter is available. You can use a little or you can use a lot, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Just the way we like them!

Whitney aka Naptural85 has recently uploaded two videos that are all about adding glitter and sparkle to hair. One is a confetti bun hair tutorial that utilizes synthetic hair which is perfect style for anyone who wants to add the sparkle and shine but would prefer to not get it on their own hair and scalp. The second video is a do-it-yourself glitter gel pomade tutorial which again is perfect for the holiday party season.

Knowing how much of a challenge it can be to remove particles that get stuck in textured hair, some of you might be a bit wary about adding glitter to your hair, particularly if your curls and coils are super tight. Do not despair–there are simple glitter removal techniques that you can use for getting glitter out of your hair, off your clothes and wherever else glitter might have fallen.


Here are some tips from hairstylist Matt Fugate: Apply hair spray on to a sheet of paper towel until paper towel is damp. Press the wet paper towel onto the glitter so that glitter sticks to the hair spray. The hairspray acts as adhesive for attracting the glitter to the paper towel and away from the hair. If you’ve used a lot of glitter it may take some time to remove it and you might not be able to remove all the glitter in one session. When trying to remove glitter from everything else (such as clothes and furniture”>, a piece of tape or a lint roller generally work well.

There’s no better time to try the glitter beard and roots hair trend than that New Year’s Eve party you’re planning to attend. If you have already tried this trend then please share your experience on StyleNook!

Happy New Year, NaturallyCurly world!


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