Winter is fast approaching. As temperatures drop, your hair can become drier and more susceptible to damage. Treat your curls to a waving treatment. It will cut your styling time in half and give your hair soft, carefree waves. Many salons are now offering waving treatments. Most of these services are fast, affordable, and commitment-free. Best of all, new technology is allowing hair-care companies to develop products that cause little to no damage to the hair. NaturallyCurly has compiled for you a look at a few techniques being performed by top stylists. No matter your curl type, you can achieve beautiful, beachy waves any time of year!

ISO Nexture

Lasts: About 20 shampoos

Perfect for: 1s and 2s

ISO created Nexture to give people with fine, lifeless hair the chance to achieve bouncy waves without the commitment or damage. Have you ever noticed how perfectly springy your waves are at the beach? That’s because salt water is the best solution for curls. Sodium — or salt — infuses into the hair, plumping each strand. The result: perfectly coiled waves. The best part: Nexture is completely temporary, which means it’s gentle, effective, and commitment-free.

ISO Maintamer

Lasts: About 6 months

Perfect for: 3s and 4s

If you have tighter curls and want looser waves, ISO presents Maintamer. It’s a gentle relaxer and contains no harsh chemicals. It uses naturally found proteins to loosen tightly wound coils, creating soft, bouncy waves. The best part? Maintamer can be applied in 15 minutes in the salon.

Ouidad’s Softening System

Lasts: About 3-4 months

Perfect for: 3s and 4s

Another solution for curlies with 3 or 4 level curls comes from Ouidad. Famous for her ability to bring out the very best in curls, Ouidad has developed solutions for curlies who want to temporarily unwind their tight coils. Using little to no harsh chemicals, Ouidad’s Softening System loosens curl patterns and re-forms curls while adding moisture and rejuvenating locks. Ouidad also uses this system as a “spot softener” to even out curlier areas of the hair.