In our latest post in our World of Curls series, we interviewed Stephi in the UK about her colorful waves. And she does all of the color herself! 

Hi! I'm Stephi LaReine from Liverpool, UK. I am a fashion blogger.  I've been embracing my natural locks since birth (with the exception of one year where I started straightening my hair--we never speak of this year!) I couldn't imagine my hair as anything but naturally long and curly! My personal style is  definitely '70s Boho rock-n-roll.  There's a bit of color, a few tassels, splashed with sequins. I'm a leather and lace kinda girl. I'm always mixing things up and trying something new, everything is pivoted back to my musical influences.

My sand art hair

I do all my colors myself. As someone who was previously a painter and studied it for years I can't hold the temptation to paint my hair the rainbow. In fact my favorite brand is Fudge Urban's Paintbox range - the name speaks volumes. They're all vegetable oil based so it keeps your hair super moisturized, the key to curly locks and don't do any damage.

I'm a big fan of coconut oil, I'll shout it from the rooftops for the number one go-to for curly hair, or even coloured hair.

Having colored hair makes it difficult how often I wash my hair, but also it trains your hair to not need shampoo as often, and avoiding the frizz. I've also been using a silk pillowcase which stops you from looking like a cloud in the morning, as I recently found out cotton is damaging. I'll never look back since my silk ways.

Whilst travelling I tend to throw my hair into a big chunky plait tied with a scrunchie to tame flyaways and knots.

My worst hair experience...

I've had a couple that are as equally as bad as the next. Bad hairdressers cutting my hair from my hips to a bob. Giving myself a shaved undercut. Straightening and bleaching. This all covers the year we don't speak of, bad decisions all around!

I like to think I'll still be blogging in 5 years time. It's become my life and full time blog. It's the funnest thing documenting your experiences online so I hope to be continuing having exciting adventures and expanding myself as a person through traveling.

Catch up with me online!

You can catch up with everything at my Twitter and Instagram (@StephiLaReine) and see my daily adventures on the blog