If you’ve ever spent hours (literally, hours”> straightening your curly hair, only to find your hard work thwarted by humidity, we know your pain!

Your hair is straight, your biceps are sore, and the second you step outside your roots start to curl. A few minutes later the frizz starts to form and then the fruits of your labor go right up into a ponytail.

So when TIGI BED HEAD said their Straighten Out straightening cream would leave hair seriously straight for 48 hours, EVEN in 98% humidity, we put them to the test. And what better way than to endure 48 hours in the Texas heat and humidity at Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Music festivals are a fun and free-spirited place to play with your style, hair and makeup so our Content Editor Cristina had fun testing out straight hair for the weekend. She applied the product to her damp hair and then did a blow out on her Type 2C hair. Cristina has short hair, so if this experiment went horribly wrong a ponytail couldn’t save her!

Watch the video to see if this straightening product passed the test. 

Watch the Video

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