My name is Naeemah. I'm 22 years old, a wife and mommy living in Florida. I love anything to do with it hair, make-up, skin care, and especially natural/organic remedies. My hair type is between 2b and 2c. So it's more wavy than curly. Over the years my hair texture has changed greatly. Up until I was 13 my hair was bone straight, then all of a sudden it became very curly.

Once I had my daughter, my hair texture loosened up a lot.

My pregnancy caused my hair to grow so much naturally as my hair grew longer, the curls stretched out because of the weight of it. I didn't know until I researched it that hormones can affect our hair texture. If you've seen pictures of my hair then you know that I love color. My hair right now is dark (I had it dyed a semi-permanent black a few weeks ago after having highlights for a while).

I'm loving my dark hair and will be going on a heat and color strike for a while. Hair color is fun but it can be drying so now my goal is to repair my hair, focus on putting that moisture back in, and just letting it grow. Ive always wanted hair so long I can sit on it, LOL! Right now my hair is a little past waist length and my goal is to get it to tailbone length by next year.

My favorite thing about my hair is definitely the length. I love long, healthy hair. I also like the versatility of it. I'm mixed with Black and Hispanic so my hair straightens very easily...or I can do a braid-out or twist-out and achieve really defined, bouncy curls.

My hair care routine is mostly taken care of at night. I wash no more than once a week and co-wash in between using my clarifying shampoo. After washing (or wetting my hair with a spray bottle) at night I will usually put my hair in two braids, cornrows, or twists. I apply my oil and leave-in conditioner every single night and the braids protect my hair. I always sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet. In the morning once my hair has dried I take the braids down and my hair is set for the day. Right now, I love Mielle Organics! I take her hair vitamins daily, apply the mint almond oil every night. I use the babassu deep conditioning/protein treatment once a week, and I also use the co-wash from her line. Everything is all natural, organic, and sulfate free. Can't go wrong with that!

As a woman I know how important our hair is to us. But I think too often we place more emphasis on it than need be.

To achieve naturally beautiful and healthy hair is simple. I take my hair vitamins every day, apply my mint almond oil at night, keep hair in braids and wrapped in a silk scarf when sleeping, and minimize heat. That's what I have done and my hair continues to grow. And above all, I believe that beauty itself is encompassed by more than outer appearance alone, and as long as we take care of our inner beauty it WILL be reflected on the outside.

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