Winter can be really tough on our naturally wavy and curly hair. Cold weather dries our strands out, our favorite scarfs and bonnets keep rubbing against those poor ends, resulting in the biggest enemy for the hair: the split ends!

Split ends are dangerous because they weaken the hair, in turn causing breakage. Not to mention, they are not very aesthetically pleasing. The only real way to deal with them is to cut them out. But sometimes we simply don’t have the time or money to go visit our fancy Deva Cut Hairstylist and as we know well, just any stylist won’t do. Sometimes getting an appointment can take weeks!

In the meantime, deal with your frizzy split ends at the bottom of our hair by tucking them away. These hairstyles are amazing at keeping our ends protected after or until your next trim.

Sock Bun

A bun is always the best way to go–it’s easy to do, practical, and suits every face shape. You can dress it up or down, make it more professional or casual. But if you can, avoid a super messy bun since it can show a lot of your ends if you’re not strategic in their placement. A sock bun should help that.

My favorite is the top knot–or ballerina–bun. Do a high ponytail, then simply twist the hair around itself and around the base of the ponytail, creating a cinnamon bun. Use bobby pins to keep everything in place. If you have a lot of layers (or your split ends are not all on the bottom half of your hair”>, avoid the fuzzy flyaways by rubbing your hands with some molding paste or clay while twisting. This trick will keep the strands tucked together, longer.

French Roll

The French roll is an elegant style that is for the more expert hairstyling wavy girl. It can get tricky! The French roll is bigger and cuter than a French twist, which makes it hold better.

Brush all of your hair to one side, then put a row of criss-crossed bobby pins in the middle, starting from the nape and working to the top of your head. This will keep all of your hair to one side. Then wrap the hair back over the pinned section rolling the ends smoothly inside. Secure it with more bobbypins!

Braided Side Bun

This is inspired by the beautiful Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games movies. Since we can’t leave our braided out because we need to hide our ends, we have to roll them up into a bun.

Start with a French braid that goes from your parted hair, down to the end of your hair. Gathering all the hair, keeping the braid to the side and behind your ear. Secure with a clear elastic band and then simply roll up the braid into a bun! Secure further with bobby pins. If you are feeling brave, create a braid that goes from one side of the head to the other, truly à la Katniss!


If you can’t fix it right away, just hide it! far from the eyes far from the heart!

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