National Love Your Red Hair Day is November 5th!

Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti founded their How to be a Redhead brand in 2011. Since then, the sisters have worked tirelessly to promote a positive message within the uniquely niche community for those with natural “pumpkin spice latte hair” (which, let the community tell it, is not a trend but a lifestyle”>. There are somewhere between 70 and 140 million natural redheads in the world right now. Out of those, 6.3 million are in the United States alone. And apparently everyone wants to be a redhead, because currently, 70 percent of women who dye their hair choose red. It is the top hair color dye of choice.

In addition to their August 2015 H2BAR beauty subscription box release, Stephanie and Adrienne now have a much anticipated book that will soon hit bookstore shelves. It is titled none other than How to be a Redhead.

“The book will contain every bit of beauty and fashion advice a redhead needs,” says Adrienne. “It will be every redheads go-to for their beautiful life.”

This will be the first-ever beauty book dedicated solely to the redhead community, and is being made available to the public in 2016.

How to be a Redhead has been on a nationwide beauty tour called Rock it like a Redhead since April 2015. It has made stops in Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Chicago. The sisters are making their final stop in New York City on November 5, 2015. Purchase your event ticket here before it’s sold out. Here’s what the celebration includes:

“Attendees will rock the red carpet, enjoy live performances, leave with $300+ in free beauty products & consult with the best beauty and fashion sponsors, including L’Oreal Pureology, Kiss Nails.. and much more!”

National Day Calendar has officially recognized November 5th as a national holiday completely committed to the recognition and celebration of beauty and uniqueness of being a redhead.

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