Want to win the battle against frizz? Need a new product to make your curly hair look perfect? ­ Need a curl specialist to cut and style your hair? Curls on the Go™ is a FREE app that puts the power of looking fabulous in the palm of your hand.

1. Be Frizz Free

Look great every day with the Frizz Forecast™. Ensure you are always FRIZZ FREE with the tips and personalized products recommendations. Win the battle against frizz now!

2. Products

You can browse and shop for thousands of curly hair products, read reviews from real customers, research ingredient information and buy the products straight from your mobile device.

3. Salon Finder

Curls on the Go™ Salon Finder locks in your GPS coordinates and displays the curl salon closest to you using Google Maps. You’ll have access to reviews from the largest online community of curl friends to find the perfect salon for your curls.

4. Your Hair Type

Find your hair type and get tailored tips, tricks, and products for your exact hair type and have a great hair day, every day.

5. Ratings & Reviews

Read tens of thousands of product and salon reviews. Read real, unbiased reviews and find the perfect products and curl stylist close to home.

6. Photos

Browse thousands of cuts and styles, and bookmark your favorites. See the newest hairstyle trends for curls of every type. Scroll through thousands of haircuts, colors and styles by hair type, then bookmark these photos to show to your new curl styling specialist.

7. Videos

Watch expert tutorials and product videos from our YouTube library. See other curlies with your hair type provide product reviews, tutorials, styling videos and much more.

8. Favorite List

Create a virtual list of all your favorite products, salon and photos to always have them at your fingertips. Make your shopping experience easier with your top products easily accessible via Curls On The Go.

9. Coupons & Deals

Get exclusive salon and hair product coupons and deals. Save on the perfect products and salon services.

10. Share

Share your favorite products, tip, tricks and salons via Facebook, Twitter and email.

It’s fun! It’s user-friendly! But, best of it, it’s FREE!

Do you have an iPhone & love NaturallyCurly? Download the app now, and then give us a 5-star rating! We’d love to know what you think! And of course, the higher we’re rated in the App Store, the more people will find the app and learn how to love their wavy, curly and kinky hair. Curl power!

And stay tuned for even more fabulous features for Curls On the Go—coming soon! Also, find our Android version here. 

Curls on the Go mobile app

Browse and read reviews of thousands of curl-specific products.

Curls on the Go mobile app

Find a nearby curl expert and get honest reviews from curlies just like you.

Curls on the Go mobile app

…and then get custom product recommendations, videos and tips and tricks just for you!

Curls on the Go mobile app

Determine your hair type….


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