Rock these hairstyles like the superstar you are!

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson with a sexy bob

Scarlett Johansson's a-line bob was accentuated tonight with sexy, messy curls. Use a hair spray as a setting spray before you use an 1" iron to wrap the hair around, but leave the ends out to create an imperfect curl. Then flip upside down, and with pomade in your hands, mess up the curls to give it that vixen look. The idea is loose and messy, so don't go for perfect.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous with her posh updo

Jennifer Hudson looked svelte tonight in her Versace gown and curled pompadour. This posh updo was created by using curled hair, or hair extensions, then setting them in place with bobby pins on top of the head to create more volume. Do not brush the hair out—instead use pin curls, which is pinning a set curl—this way you don't lose the curl pattern or shape. Spraying hair spray throughout each pin will guarantee your style will stay in place all night.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway wore her hair in a low chignon on the red carpet

Anne Hathaway's red carpet low chignon was perfect with her Valentino dress. Curl all your hair with a 1 1/2" iron all over, then smooth the hair down on top, and pin back with bobby pins into a knot-like style, making it low on the nape. Make sure to leave a few face-framing pieces out so it doesn't look too slicked back. This style is versatile and can be made more tight to get more elegance or can be looser to create a more natural look.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams wore faux finger waves at the 2011 Academy Awards

Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress nominee for her role in “The Fighter,” wore glamorous faux finger waves that are very simple to recreate and will stay all night. This is easily achieved with a 2" iron, then brush out with a paddle brush to create a set curl. Form the wave pattern you want with your fingers and your brush—don't brush too hard—just enough to mold the wave you want. Spraying a hair spray at the end to set the look will ensure your startlet look.