Long curly hair

Take good care of that long curly hair.

Dear Ouidad: I have heard so much about you and glad to locate you on this site. Can you please help me out with my "bad hair day"?

I have hip-length curly hair. Can you please advise which hair style will suit me better? I want same hair length. Can you also advise we how I should manage my hair? It's more prone to breakage.

A: You can wear curly hair in so many different styles so don’t let a bad hair day make you want to chop it all off just yet!

For longer curls like yours, I suggest using a lightweight leave-in conditioner on your ends (both wet and dry!) in order to keep them moisturized and less prone to split ends and damage.

If you feel your hair is all-around dry and damaged, use a deep conditioning treatment every other week to help nourish and define your curls. Nothing like long, gorgeous curls that cascade and a little Carve & Slice to create a slight movement.