I follow the shampoo free method and need help. Find out how to increase your curls and decrease the build up now!

Dear Ouidad: I've been shampoo free for more than a year now, but I'm still struggling. My biggest problem is that (I think) I have two textures on my head! The top of my head has straight, sort of wavy hair that simply will not curl no matter how much conditioner, plopping, or diffusing I give it. In fact, it just looks greasy and stringy, like if it were curly, it would be clumping, but since it's straight, it just looks like I never wash my hair. What I want to know is how I should be washing my hair; should I treat the greasy straight top as regular straight hair, and shampoo the whole shaft? I'm really, truly, completely at a loss for what to do with my yicky hair.

A: Shampooing and conditioning with volumizing products will help increase wave and give the hair near the top of your head more of a chance to curl. You should shampoo only about 2x a week near the scalp and don’t bunch your hair up or rub your strands together to cleanse. You can refer to our video below on how to gently shampoo your curls.

To get the top of your hair to curl more, use a mousse like PlayCurl Volumizing Foam and duckbill clips with a diffuser to style. Check out the video below on how to add volume using duckbill clips.


I seem to have a similar type of problem. I have 2A/B Wavy hair (wavy/curly on ends but flat on top). I found PlayCurl alone didn't provide enough hold and curl power for me. I recently found a combo that works. I use low-poo shampoo/conditioner 2x week, "wash" with just conditioner on other days. For styling, I apply Ouidad PlayCurl throughout my hair, focusing on roots. Then I scrunch in a very small amount of Tress Effects gel on the ends for hold (too much and it gets crunchy/stringy for me). Experimenting is truly the key!

hi curly hair takes a lot of experimenting. different product combos work for different hair and different environments (ie humidity). I found that I need gel in Houston but I can reduce the drying effect by adding some regular body lotion (I use the ones from the bath and body shop)My routine: "nopoo" with Hair one in shower. add some only to pony tail in shower as leave in, towel, use gel and hand lotion combo, add morrocan oil only to end (pony tail and beyond). comb tight against scalp and leave alone for at least 30 min. Then upside down and shake and encourage the curls. I get a lot of compliments when i do this even in humid houston. Would like to drop the drying gel, but I have tried a lot and only gel really controls the frizz. The moisturizers, conditioners, and morrocan oil, help form the girls and protect the hair from being dried by the gel. A common problem with curly hair which is often thin and dry even if it looks lush and full

Hi I have found that 'low pooing' helps; plus I condition only the ends - my hair is a bit beyond shoulders so about from my ear lobes down. Then I use a FSG,seasalt gel. I add the salt while the gel is cooking at the end I add some AVG, Lavender EO. I am finding out that it really boils down to alot of experimentation. I also use a volumizing mousse