Today an online petition surfaced on, a website typically dedicated to spreading awareness for positive, impactful causes, begging singer Beyonce to comb her daughter Blue Ivy's hair.

If you're rolling your eyes, then you may be as surprised as we were to find that just a few hours after posting, the petition is nearing 800 signatures. The petition is the result of a photo that surfaced online this past weekend of Bey, her husband and rap mogul Jay-Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy in a crowd in NYC. Blue's natural, coily kinky hair is in an afro that is "disturbing" and "lacking moisture" according to the petition's creator, Jasmine Tolliver.

Is this one more example of natural hair discrimination gone too far?

Is this because she's Beyonce, and we expect her to keep her child's wardrobe, style, and hair up to the standards that we hold all celebs to? Or is it something deeper... perhaps Beyonce's audience as a whole just hasn't accepted the Natural Hair Movement and we'd rather see Blue's hair pressed, smoothed, and relaxed or pulled tightly into a sleek ponytail?

Or, is it possible that the superstar's fanbase feel a closeness and connection with the star that gives them the right to overstep boundaries? It would appear that everyone's favorite pastime is to tell parents how to raise their children, and even the Queen is subject to this scrutiny. 

Has Bey's crowd gone overboard with creating a petition strictly dedicated to combing her daughter Blue Ivy's hair?