Full disclosure, reading dress etiquette makes my head spin.

I didn’t know there were more facets to how to put yourself together past ‘Casual, Office, or Red Carpet’ until I was 23. Shout out to the good people doing the Lord’s work with Pinterest infographics! With that newfound knowledge came the realization that smart-casual style can be hard to pin down a lot of the time, especially when you have a lot of hair.

But there are more ways to look a little less laid back with long locks than just pinning it all into submission!

Our very own SHOP NaturallyCurly Merchandising Supervisor Julissa Pacheco used the Coconut Restore line from Nature’s Protein to create this romantic, yet structured look with her waves. See her beautifully styled look in the Pin-worthy infographic below!

Nice, right? Let’s take a look at what was used here!

We started with the Moisture Replenishing Shampoo

The sulfate-free shampoo uses coconut oil to penetrate the cortex of the hair, and keep the strands moisturized during a gentler (and delicious smelling”> cleansing process.

Next step, Daily Strengthening Conditioner

This conditioner’s still using the power of coconut to aid in elasticity, but it also features added protein to strengthen your hair and stave off breakage. Because this is a less protein-packed formula (think your yoga instructorversus your drill instructor“>, it’s A-OK for everyday use, as well as the ideal conditioner in the line for finer, less-densely packed curls and waves.

We finished up with the Curl Control Leave-In Conditioner

Like most Type 2s, Julissa’s hair didn’t need anything heavy flattening out her waves. We used a small amount of the Leave-In to keep her defined throughout the day, and the best part is—that light touch is going to make this bottle last forever. Stock up now, and ground those flyaways permanently.

I’m not a wavy myself (stay tuned for me maybe buying some wavy wigs, though”>, but it’s always cool to see companies come out with suites including products that can be used amongst all curl patterns. Take a look at the entire line with your curlfriends to see who can use what!

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