Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock –a nice, warm rock on Mars– then you’ve probably been shivering from the winter blizzard. Unfortunately, just because of the sudden onset of frigid climate, we don’t all have the luxury of stopping our daily lives and staying bundled up in bed all day avoiding it. For the 99.9 percent of us who don’t, here are some words of advice for keeping your mane in check through freezing temps.

1. Seal in moisture

In colder climates, your hair tends to lose moisture faster than in warmer ones.

Do your normal daily hair routine, but this time focus especially on your ends since they are the oldest part of your hair (and driest”>.

Try a hot oil treatment. We like Arbre de Vie Shea Hot Oil Treatment and VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works but if you’d rather stay indoors and try cooking up your own concoction, try this soothing homemade recipe instead.

Gels like Curls Curl Gel-les’C and Curly Hair Solutions Gel are great for smoothing fly-aways and keeping your curls looking fresh and moisturized all day without feeling hard. Or if you’re not a gel fan, go for a smoothing lotion like Curl Junkie Curl Assurance or Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls.

2. Clip your split ends

It is important to get a trim every few weeks, depending on your curl pattern.

If you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to go ahead and cross this task off the to-do list. If your stylist is booked, or the past holiday has you strapped for cash, try trimming your own hair.

Check out reviews for local salons with our Salon Finder database.

3. Opt for a quick protective style

Been eyeing that YouTube video of a cute hair tutorial and want to try it? Now is the perfect time to try it out. This will keep your ends safe from the harmful elements of the environment. Not to mention, protective styles benefit hair growth and and help to seal in moisture.

Here is curl inspiration from our favorite vloggers:

4. Put a lid on it

Protect your tresses from damaging cold air and wind with a hat, head wrap, or baseball cap. Spray some static guard inside the lining of your hat to prevent frizz and flyaways. At night, sleep with a satin or silk head scarf or on a pillow of the same material. This will help prevent static cling, knots, and breakage.


Above all, stay warm and stay safe in these dropping temperatures!  Are your curls struggling in the blizzard? 

Devri Velazquez

Devri Velazquez

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