Whether you are attending Austin City Limits Music Festival this weekend or one of the other upcoming music events (Pensicola’s Deluna Fest, Voodoo Fest in New Orleans or Orlando Calling), there are so many eye-catching looks you can choose from as a curly girl! Braids are very popular for outdoor festivals since they help keep hair out of the face as well as protecting it from various weather conditions.

A singular three-strand braid or french braid provides a simple solution for hot outdoor events while still looking polished. Long bangs and face framing layers can be braided and pinned up and out of the way. Loose side braids and fishtails have been extremely popular this year and are sure to be seen all over the fall music festival scene.

Looking for a way to stand out among the braided masses? Try Layan’s creative scarf braiding method that she demonstrates in the video below!

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How to Braid Your Curls with a Scarf

  1. Begin by working a leave-in conditioner or styling cream thoroughly through your hair to make it more manageable and to add shine. Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Leave-in Hair Conditioner and CURLS Curls Milkshake are both great options.
  2. Choose a scarf, bandana, or piece of fabric that appeals to you, and begin tying it around your head like a headband, leaving out front layers.
  3. Instead of tying the knot where your head and neck meet at the back, bring the two pieces of the scarf around to one side and tie in a loose knot.
  4. Next, create a three-strand braid using the two pieces of fabric and one fairly thick piece of your hair.  Braid all the way down and secure it with a hair band two to three inches from where your hair ends.
  5. Tuck front layers into the scarf, leaving a few curly pieces in front for a more undone look.

Make this look your own by varying the size of your braid or by even pulling all of your hair up into a bun.  Enjoy the music, and share your take on braided hair!

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