Whether you are a new mom or a mom hustling to keep up with your toddler and kindergartner, you're well aware that this is a seriously exhausting business. That means time slots for going to the hair salon are hard to get on the schedule. Here are some quick curly hairstyles and tips for busy moms.

Don’t skip getting a haircut and color

Of all the things you have to sacrifice because there are not enough minutes in the day, ignoring taking care of your hair should not be one of them. Quick curly hairstyles and styling methods work so much better when your hair is healthy and you have a good haircut. Personally, it helps me gain a little sanity knowing my hair looks good, or at least okay, in the midst of my busy mom lifestyle. If you haven’t found a good stylist, check out’s Salon Finder.

The curly ponytail


Pulling your hair back is always a good option when you are in a rush. Be sure to use fabric-covered rubber bands. Curly hair is fragile and the less stress you put on it the better. You can jazz your ponytail up with decorative bobby pins or a headband. A great product to use on wet or dry hair before you pull your curls into a ponytail is HerCut Ponytail Styling Balm.

It keeps your curly ponytail soft and pliable, while the humectant-concentrated ingredients de-frizz and define curls. This product also adds shine and controls stubborn fly-aways.


In a hurry, co-wash and air dry your curls

Use a good conditioner for co-washing your hair, instead of a shampoo. Washing your hair with a conditioner is a quick way to add moisture to dry frizzy hair. Once you are out of your shower gently pat your hair dry with a moisture absorbing towel. That will cut down on frizz and the drying time. Either of these two are great to use:

Curl Like Us Curl Cloths are smooth-surfaced and very absorbent.


The Hand Dry Hair Glove, a super-absorbent microfiber that soaks up excess water.

Both of these items are huge time savers. They also have another function. When you put your styling product in your hair, both of these are great for scrunching a little bit and then you are good to go. Your hair will dry much faster and look like you actually had time to style it.


Find 30 minutes once a week to deep condition

Deep conditioning once a week for 30 minutes will make styling your hair so much easier for the rest of the week. Your curls will be moisturized and more manageable. The fight against frizz and dryness will be diminished. It really is that easy. The “to-do” list is long when you are a mom but adding a once-a-week deep conditioning to the list is well worth it. Make deep conditioning part of the professional multi-tasking Moms are so expert at. I put deep conditioner on my hair, wrap it in saran wrap (that is what I have handy, no time to hunt for a shower cap) and then I put on a cap to hold in some heat. I usually vacuum or pick up around the house while the conditioner is doing its job. When my boys were tiny I had to use a timer to remind myself to rinse the conditioner out. And to be honest the timer was also to remind me to not go out of the house on an errand with the saran wrap and hat still on my head.


The messy bun

I am so thrilled that the messy bun is so in fashion right now. I strongly believe moms created this look way before it was chic. The best new accessory that makes this look so effortless is the Goody Simple Style Spin Pins.

They do the job of 20 bobby pins! I use two of them and I have the messy bun ready to go in record time. If you are sleep deprived or haven’t had enough coffee yet, these Spin Pins make life just a little easier.