Not only will this styling technique result in a good hair day, but stretching your curls allows them to hold moisture for longer amounts of time too.

The following routine can be used by curl types from looser Type 2A waves to tighter Type 3B ringlets – just switch up the products to suit your exact hair type.

The effort you put in during styling will be well worth your time spent for days to come!

Step 1

Comb through your wet hair in the shower and apply product to it while in the shower.

Add a product that emulsifies hair like a pudding or creme/lotion.

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Use a little more than you normally would to wet hair. Try not to “mess” hair too much when applying the product – keep it as “flat” to your scalp as possible.

Step 2

Divide your wet hair (with product”> into sections and begin to twist each section from top to ends.

At the end of each section (make them smaller for shorter hair and larger for longer hair”>, add a duckbill clip. If the clips don’t stay, try a smooth elastic to wrap at the end of each section instead.

Step 3

Allow your sections to air dry, or use a diffuser if you have less time.

Optional:If you choose not to use the clips, try diffusing your hair just a little (15-20%”> then tying it back in a short ponytail or bun.  You can sleep with your hair tied up, if you need to, then let it down in the morning to find looser curls and waves.

Step 4

When your hair is dry , release the clips or bands from each section and gently shake each section with your hands/fingers. Style as usual. You’ll find you’ll have smoother, looser curls that you can wear for 2-3 days.

Optional: You can opt to add a light hair spray or pomade for added shine , or an extra day, when wearing your curls a bit looser.

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