Shiny Hair: 10 Tips to Getting Smooth and Shiny Hair

2011-06-09 09:54:21

Shiny Hair: 10 Tips to Getting Smooth and Shiny Hair

Check out these 10 tips and tricks to get some ideas for shiny hair that you might not have considered


Give your hair a break from heat: Most curlies know that heat can cause some serious damage and lead to some serious frizz. If you diffuse your hair often, use a lower heat seating to keep your curls from being damaged. If you decide to use a straightener, make sure you find a heat protector that will do a good job at keeping your hair healthy.

Fruits and Vegetables

Watch what you eat: Protein, dark green vegetables and fresh fruits lead to shiny hair (read more here). Veggies contribute much needed iron and vitamin E, while fish has omega-3 and omega-6, two fatty acids that make hair shiny. Unfortunately, no holiday desserts make the list.

Drink lots of water: Water benefits your body in many ways, including the state of your hair. Lack of water in your body causes dry, coarse and brittle hair. If you have a hard time drinking the amount of water you need to every day, keep a water bottle with you and fill it up constantly. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel and the better your hair will look.

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Alyssa Hawkins

Alyssa Hawkins