Since the company launched its Mist-er Right herbal cleansing tonic in 2001, DevaCurl has been known as an innovator in the curly haircare world. With the launch of No-Poo a year later – a product that transformed how people cleanse their hair – it established itself as a company willing to think out of the box.

With DevaCurl’s Shine Spray, which launches exclusively on CurlMart today, the company adds another tool to its arsenal to help wavies, curlies and coilies keep their curls looking their best. We talked with company spokeswoman Kimberly Heathman about the development of the Shine Spray.

NC: Why did Deva decide to develop the new Shine Spray?

Kimberly: DevaCurl was missing this key product in the finishing category. It obviously needed to be one that would be water-soluble, as with all of our products, as well as provide optimum, weightless shine and curl protection (both in UV and to strengthen curls”> WITHOUT the use of silicones.

NC: Was it difficult to develop, and if so why?

Kimberly: We had been working on a formulation for quite some time- as well as testing it at our four Devachan Salons on curly clients. The development of DevaCurl shine spray was inspired by a growing demand from Deva Inspired stylists and individuals with curly hair for DevaCurl to introduce a water soluble, silicone free shine spray suitable for all curl types. 

NC: What makes it unique from other shine sprays?

Kimberly: DevaCurl Shine Spray is a water-soluble, weightless shine enhancer that produces radiant, frizz free curls without the use of silicones. It moisturizes, strengthens and protects without weighing down or drying out curls. It contains four natural UVA/UVB antioxidants and UV absorbers to help protect against oxidative damage. It is humidity- resistant to control and reduce frizz. It delivers shine in a fine-mist, aerosol spray to allow for application to the entire head of hair or to just targeting specific curls

Like all DevaCurl products, Shine Spray contains the exclusive DevaCurl Botanical Blend to maintain curls natural moisture balance. This includes Balm Mint Extract, Chamomile Extract, Hops Extract, Lemongrass Extract, Rosemary Extract and Yarrow Extract

NC: What makes a product like this especially beneficial for curly hair?

How to Use It

  1. Target dry areas
  2. Spray evenly about 6 inches from your scalp
  3. OR Lift your curls up and spray (for shine without disturbing curl definition”>

Kimberly: Curly hair is typically dry and fragile–and curly cuticles (the hairs’ outer layer”> need more moisture and hydration. Functioning as a barrier, silicones temporarily seal cuticles, preventing dehydrated curls from absorbing beneficial moisture and conditioning oils. Silicones provide the false appearance of a healed cuticle. Over time, curls become brittle, less defined and further prone to frizz–creating a damaging and dehydrating cycle. DevaCurl Shine spray is not only moisturizing and conditioning, it gives radiant shine without the use of Silicones.

NC: With the addition of the shine spray, how many products are in the Deva lineup?

Kimberly: DevaCurl now has 26 products specifically designed for curly hair.

3 Ways to Use It

1. Cocktail

Combine the Shine Spray with DevaCurl No-Comb Detangling Spray natural, lightweight, frizz free curls

2. 2nd Day Hair

  1. Refresh scalp with No-Poo™ Quick Cleanser
  2. Revitalize and reform curls with Mist-er Right on mid-shaft and ends, allowing curls to dry completely.
  3. Apply DevaCurl Shine Spray for polished, no-frizz curls

3. Polished Updo

Apply DevaCurl Shine Spray throughout curls before creating your curly upstyle, offering remarkable shine and a light, non-greasy texture


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