wedding tiara

Tiaras can be a great accent on your big day

We want you to stay on top of all trends in the fashion and hair world, but it never hurts to keep you up to date on the latest wedding trends! So whether you’re getting married soon or think you never will, read on because you never know when this information will come in handy.

Fashion and Hair Trends

Tasteful Tiaras

No really, tiaras. Many brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, but the ball gown skirt isn’t the only way to achieve that feeling. Look for a tiara that will accent your hair but isn’t too big that it takes the focus away from your overall look.

Tiny Tiers

Tiers on your dress can add a fun and playful texture without adding any bulk to your dress. This style is great if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed in a dress but still want texture. Not having a lot of dress also means more room for movement on the dance floor and less time you have to spend bustling.

Relaxed Styles

Don’t worry, not relaxers, but instead relaxed styles. The main trend for hair is taking classic styles and loosening them up a bit. Instead of a classic bun, go for a side bun and leave curls out to frame your face. If you want an updo, don’t worry about making it perfect and sleek. Embrace imperfections (as hard as that might be on your wedding day) and run with what your hair wants to do.

indian style wedding

Bold colors can create an exotic feel for your wedding.

Color and Theme Trends

Exotic Inspiration

You can thank Katy Perry for bringing attention to weddings inspired by India, and can you blame brides for loving the trend? The color palette for these weddings includes bold greens, golds, oranges, reds and purples and when mixed together create quite the eye-catching look. Incorporating several colors also gives your bridesmaids the chance to pick a color that they feel comfortable in.

Ivy League-Chic

Preppy-chic is huge again and weddings aren’t escaping the trend. Think "Gossip Girl" when decorating and go for details like plaids and strips to incorporate a great theme. Classic colors like blues, greens and reds will complete the style and tie everything together.

Prohibition-Era Style

Mad Men styles are a thing of the past now that we have HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," so embrace the inspiration from the 1920s. Lace dresses, fancy undo’s and jazz music are the perfect place to start when trying to master this style.

guys want to be included too

Finally, the men get a man cave!

Reception Trends

Man Caves

The only thing men hate more than going to the wedding of your aunt’s best friend is being in a wedding that doesn’t have any of his personality. The idea of a mini man cave is growing rapidly because you want your man and his friends to have a good time and enjoy the night (almost) as much as you do. A good place to start is by having cigars available if you are outdoors or by customizing your drink menu to include whiskey, brandy or scotch. The idea is simply to keep your groom comfortable and let him know you want him to have fun.

Food Trucks

One of the things guests will always remember from your wedding is the food—good or bad. Why not keep them happy and their stomachs full by providing creative alternatives to the sit-down meal? Food trucks offer a great variety from waffles to tacos, and you can easily please your guests while giving them a reason to talk about your food choices.

Dessert Tables

Weddings aren’t just for cakes anymore. Dessert tables are an up and coming trend where you can showcase your sweet tooth and again, give guests several choices. Many couples are choosing to get a simple cake and then providing things like cookies, chocolate mousse, and other mouth-watering goodies. If you are a traditional bride this probably isn’t the best trend for you to embrace, but if you are willing and ready to mix things up, consider a dessert table.