Prevention is better than cure. This is the fundamental principle on which Ayurveda is based.

Ayurveda (or ayurvedic medicine”> is a whole body, holistic, healing system that was developed in India many thousands of years ago, according to medical professionals for Wed MD. It believes that the best way to fix problems is to never let them occur in the first place. The aim of Ayurveda therefore is the promotion of health instead of the fighting of disease. Good health in Ayurveda is achieved when mind, body and spirit are in harmony with the universe and it is believed that if this balance is disturbed, ill health may result.

One way of achieving this harmony between body, mind, spirit and the universe is through Ayurveda Indian scalp massages. Ayurveda Indian scalp massages are one aspect of a preventative hair care regimen and are believed to be important for nourishing the scalp and hair topically as well as being a great tool for relaxing the nervous system and mind thereby promoting overall well-being.

The Benefits of Ayurveda Indian Scalp Massages

According to Bay Area yoga instructor and author Shreelata Suresh, when this is done a minimum of once a week (depending on your hair type”>, you will start notice these benefits from an Ayurvedic scalp massage routine:

  • Improved memory and better clarity

  • Increased relaxation

  • Reduced tension

  • Lubricated scalp, thereby helping to stop dry scalp and flaking

  • Nourished, softer hair

  • Shine and luster

  • Improved blood flow and circulation to scalp and neck

  • Makes hair more manageable

  • Helps make hair more resilient over time and so less prone to damage

  • Promotes sound sleep at nights

Which oil-herb combination should you use?

All you need to do an ayurveda Indian scalp massage are your fingers and a warm oil that has been infused with herbs. The herbs are chosen in order to boost the efficacy of the massage and to address the needs of each hair type. There are three hair types that determine the base oil and herb combinations used.  The three hair types are:

  • Vata hair: thin hair that is prone to split ends

  • Pitta hair: fine hair that is prone to thinning and greying prematurely

  • Kapha hair: hair that is thick and oily

As with hair texture, it is possible to have more than one type of hair so when choosing your oil blend combination, your predominant hair type is the deciding factor.

  • Almond oil or sesame oil are great base oils if you have fine hair that is prone to split ends (vata”>.
  • Coconut oil is great for pitta hair types i.e. fine, prematurely thinning and greying hair while olive oil is a good choice if your hair type is predominantly kapha.
  • Herbs such as hibiscus helps maintain hair’s color and vitality.
  • Jasmine oil aids in reducing stress.
  • Brahmi helps fights dry scalp and flaking and is infused into base oils to provide additional benefits to the massage.
  • Lavender and rosemary are also great, as they promote growth and help balance oil production and are excellent for all hair types.

How to do an Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Self Massage

Here are the steps Banyan Botanicals suggest:

  1. Heat the oil to a comfortable temperature. It should be warm but comfortable to the touch.

  2. Sit upright.

  3. Pour oil in your palms and apply to hair. Using your finger tips to spread oil over every strand

  4. Apply a tablespoon of oil to the scalp area of the crown of your head. Massage the oil into either side of the head.

  5. Bring your head forward so that your chin makes contact with your chest. Pour oil along your hairline at the back of your head.

  6. Using your fingertips once more, spread the oil all over the back of your head and continue with you massage. Don’t forget to massage your neck.

  7. Use small circular motions and apply firm pressure.

  8. Cover hair and scalp and let sit for at least twenty minutes.

  9. Wash hair with a gentle cleanser to remove excess oils.

Make the most of your scalp massage

It’s a good idea to play soothing music, dim your lights or light your favorite candle during your massage. Take slow, deep breaths and focus on clearing your mind. All of these will help make your massage more relaxing. Remember, this massage isn’t just for your hair but for your overall holistic well-being.

Vanessa Osbourne

Vanessa Osbourne

A type 4 naturalista born and raised in Jamaica who is currently adjusting to keeping her natural hair healthy in the cold and beautiful city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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