Oh Summertime! The beach, the pool, the warm weather, the...frizz!!! As the temperature rises, my curl definition increases which is great but with it comes a side of frizz and extra puffiness I am not all too fond of! But good news!! You don't have to let your hair take control of your life in the Summer. Here are several tips and tricks that have helped my friends Sarah and Katherine and myself battle the heat so we can enjoy the season without hair worries!

1. Cold Rinse

Do a final rinse with cold water in the shower. Brrrr. Yes I know. But rinsing with cold water will help tame frizz and provide some extra shine by closing the hair cuticle quickly.

2. Styling Products

Now is the time you might need to add an additional styling product to your routine for frizz or switch out some styling products to others that are true frizz fighters. Depending on your hair porosity, you might benefit from adding in humectants this time of year. I also notice in Summer I use more of the amount of gels as I would in the winter to help insure it stands up against the Summer elements.

Some of my styling products picks include:

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

I have been using this under various gels for several Summers now and the addition of this product vs not using it helps cut frizz for me drastically. It is super lightweight and doesn't build up.

Jessicurl Spiralicious

This has been my favorite gel throughout the winter and I am finding it does just as good of a job in Summer providing me with nice curl definition and minimal frizz.

Zotos Professional All About Curls High Definition Gel

Another favorite gel. This is strong hold and I like that this gel forms a cast so on days when it is extra humid I don't need to break the cast up and have a pretty, "just got back from the beach" look without frizz.

Original Moxie Hold Up Defining Serum

This product is brand new but I am hooked on what it's done for me in the humid days we had so far. It is silicone free and enriched with plant botanicals such as quinoa protein. I have been having the best day 1 hair with this stuff and even my days 2 and 3 are great. Less puff, less frizz and added shine + curl definition. I can actually use this alone without a gel too! What's not to love?

3. Sun Protection

Protect your hair from the elements! Especially if you color your hair but even if your hair is it's natural color, you don't want sun, wind, ocean water or chlorine to damage your tresses. You can wear a cute hat or scarf to conceal your hair from the sun and wind. Or, keep a spray in your bag that provides UV protection with additional moisturizing properties.

My two picks:

Living Proof Restore Revitalizing Spray

This spray protects hair from UV rays for up to 24 hours and adds a nice amount of shine in my hair. It is so lightweight, I can reapply every day and not get any buildup.

Ouidad Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave In Conditioner

This has been a Holy Grail product in Summer for me for YEARS! It contains UV blockers, plus amino acids and moisturizers to really "shield" your hair from Summer elements. I will not be at the beach without this in my beach bag. Aside from making sure my hair color does not fade in the sun, I find this product really helps to detangle my hair if I get caught in too many ocean waves.

4. Deep Condition!!

Aside from doing regular deep conditioning treatments, if you are going to be in the sun and don't want to wear a hat, let the sun work for your hair! Applying deep conditioners will let the sun help penetrate them making them even more reparative and beneficial, rather than just being out the sun causing damage on your hair. Also, applying deep conditioner to your hair before going swimming in the ocean or a pool, your hair will absorb the deep conditioner and not take in as much of the chlorine or salt water that can dry the hair out and mess with color.

Bonus: Add honey to your deep conditioner. This can add additional shine and moisturizing benefits. But be careful if you are blonde because too much honey can cause unwanted brassiness!

5. Shampoo

As curlies, I know some of us are scared of shampoos and might solely depend on co-washes. But this season is a good time to use a nice sulfate free shampoo or sulfate free clarifying shampoo. It will just make sure any chlorine, excess sweat, sand, etc will be all rinsed from your hair. I personally will shampoo every time I swim, and I make sure to use a deep conditioner after. I don't rinse the deep conditioner out in the summer at all.

My two sulfate free clarifying shampoos are Pureology Purify and Ouidad Superfruit Renewal.

6. Prevent Tangles

When I go to the beach, water park or pool, if I leave my hair down and loose it can tangle so easily between the wind and water. I like to braid my hair in 2 simple braids to help prevent tangles. You can do any kind of braid you like, a french braid would be even more secure. I also carry a wide tooth comb and will gently comb my hair out while applying more conditioner or UV spray a couple of times during the day. Make sure you start detangling from the bottom and work your way up to prevent breakage.