Every day, more of us curly girls are starting to embrace our natural hair around the world! Mexico is just one of the countries where the hair care industry is at an all-time high. Women have found great ways of caring for this type of hair and other beauty uses with natural, locally-grown resources.

Tepezcohuite is the perfect natural clarifying remedy for unclogging your pores; its most common use in hair products is the prevention of hair loss.

What is Tepezcohuite?

Pronounced as ‘Tep-ez-co-heety', this root bark is an age-old nontoxic and organic ingredient derived from bark of the Mexican "Skin Tree." It is heavily found in Chiapas, Mexico, and other tropical climates of South America.

The leafy Tepezcohuite tree grows up to 8 meters tall. It was used in the ancient Mayan civilization as an anti-aging and skin healing product and is classified as a part of Mexico’s national heritage due to its ability to treat burns with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anaesthetic properties, according to Plantas Medicinales. It also naturally cures anxiety and stress-induced insomnia when steeped in water for a nighttime tea recipe.

It now is being used in many beauty products due to its healing properties. The people of Mexico often use the bark in powder form for anti-aging creams and skin problems like psoriasis. In the past Tepezcohuite was also used to help with toothaches. In history, Tepezcohuite saved the skin of some of the 5,000 burn victims of a 1984 gas explosion near San Juan and a large earthquake in Mexico that happened in 1985.


Thanks to this plant's many natural healing properties, it has amazing benefits for both hair and skin! Many people use directly on their scalp to improve their hair's overall health. This bark stimulates blood circulation, providing the scalp with nutrients that frees the hair follicles from the chance of fungal, dandruff, and general scalp issues.

Not dealing with your scalp buildup leads to hair loss, stunting of growth, and room for bacterial and fungal infections. Tepezcohuite is the perfect natural clarifying remedy for unclogging your pores; its most common use in hair products is the prevention of hair loss.


When the bark is in liquid form through a somewhat simple melting process, it can be ingested to reap the benefits for healthy hair, skin, and body. 10-20 grams of the root bark will give you the best results if used in a daily beauty and hair regimen.

Sold on the benefits of Tepezcohuite? Here is how you can get a hold of the magic ingredient. There are more products from Mexico and around South America steadily becoming available to the rest of the world, online and in certain beauty supply stores.

Get Tepezcohuite benefits with these products

Tepezcohuite is available to buy in powder form that you can then add to skin care products, shampoos and deep treatments for extra power and aid in healing the scalp:

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