When preparing for a wedding, all brides hear “Something will go wrong, but it will all be fine in the end.” While something does typically come off not according to plan, it does not have to be your hair. Everyone obviously wants to be the best they can be on their wedding day, so every bride needs to be prepared to deal with any hair crisis that might come her way.

You’re getting married outside and the weather changes:

The weather can change at any time, and every bride getting married outside needs to be prepared. If there is a slight chance of rain, or even wind, you need to have products by your side that will help you out of the could-be disaster. Some curly hair does much better when there is a chance of rain because of the humidity, but be prepared with your favorite frizz-fighting product. With that said, make sure you test what products you think might work best a few weeks in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to read reviews on products and see what makes your hair look the greatest. Testing these products in advance also raises the chance that you will go through a few different weather days before the big day arrives.

Your hair color isn’t right. Now what?

First of all, don’t panic. Stress is already at an all-time high close to your wedding and going crazy over your hair color is not going to help. If it is something simple like the highlights are too chunky there is no need to color it again. Coloring so close together can be completely traumatic for your hair and it is not worth the fuss. Not to mention, it probably looks much better than you give yourself credit for. If the color mishap is something like you are a brunette and you ended up blond, call another salon and go in for a consultation. Many good salons can give you great advice on how to change the color without having to completely re-color and damaging your hair further. Do not make any drastic decisions without having a consultation. This is also a helpful reminder to not leave anything big, like changing your hair color, to the last minute. Do it at least a week in advance, if not more, so you have time to make any changes necessary.

You picture one hairstyle and got another

Most brides, if not all of them, go through dozens of hairstyles to find one they think will look best. Most of the time you do not have the same type of hair that the model in the picture does so it makes it difficult for the exact hairstyle to be pulled off. It is extremely important that you meet with whoever is doing your hair before the big day arrives so you know what you are getting. If you still come out with a not so picture-perfect look, find an easy way to spice it up without doing it all over again. Add an accessory that enhances the look and also takes away focus from the hair ‘do itself. Most brides do not have the time to start from scratch so avoid that unless you absolutely hate your hair. Most of the time the stress has built up so much that one little thing makes you bubble over. Take a deep breath and actually look at your hair. Instead of seeing that it is different, pay attention to if you like it and if it looks good with your veil. If everyone else says it’s gorgeous, it most likely is, so embrace it and start your wedding!