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It can be hard trying to begin your healthy hair journey when there is so much advice out there on what you should be doing for your texture. To make things easier, lets go back to the basics. This is what every curly should know–and avoid.

  1. Don’t brush your hair.

Everyone knows that it is never a good idea to brush curly hair because your curls will lose all their definition, immediately. Brushing your hair is not all evil though. It’s good to have a deep detangling session at least once a month, but if you wake up in the morning and brush your hair that’s why you are struggling. Put the brush down and let your hair be! Take knots apart with your fingers instead.

  1. Don’t blow dry.

When I say don’t blow-dry, I mean never blow-dry without a diffuser. If you blow dry without a diffuser you will greatly hinder your curl formation and end up with a bird’s nest. Also, use the dryer on a cool setting to avoid heat damage.

  1. Don’t towel dry.

Now, this will be a hard habit to stop. I am sure all of our mothers did this to us growing up–wrapping our hair in a towel turban. Here’s the thing, terry cloth towels have extremely big fibers that frizz up the hair cuticle immensely. The turban can cause the curls to dry in weird lumps. Use a t-shirt and scrunch the water out of your hair instead and air dry.

  1. Don’t mindlessly buy products.

This may sound shocking, but just because a bottle says, “For curly hair” does not mean it is for curly hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you need to pay closer attention to what you are using–and it’s all in the ingredients. Many shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates and silicones which strip the hair of the natural oil our body produces called sebum. Buying sulfate free and silicone free products will allow your body to keep its sebum thus helping to add moisture and definition to your hair.

  1. Don’t sleep with wet hair.

There’s a reason why you use flexi rods on damp hair–it molds to its environment. Your pillow is a flat surface and if your hair is wet while you sleep your curl shape will be lumpy and oddly-shaped. Sleep with hair that is 100% dry and in a protective style. On a side note, wet hair is insanely prone to breakage so that’s definitely not a good idea to toss and turn all night with vulnerable hair.

  1. Protect your hair overnight.

This is crucial. The reason your curls go away in the morning is because you’re not taking any precautions to prevent it’s unraveling overnight. Always sleep with hair in a protective style to keep the curl formation tight and the frizz at bay. The pineapple method is extremely popular among the curly hair community, learn how to do it here.

  1. Don’t sleep on a cotton pillow case.

Now, cotton material isn’t the devil. The reason cotton pillow cases should be avoided is because they’re not slippery. If you toss and turn all night on a rough surface, your curls will get tangles and frizz like no tomorrow. Sleep on a slippery surface to prevent disasters in the morning. Good slippery pillow cases can be made from silk, satin, or polyester.

FINALLY, don’t hate your hair.

Your hair is beautiful, unique and it makes you you! Instead of being ashamed of your hair use it as a confidence tool. Play with it and show it off! In a world that’s obsessed with straight hair we have to stick it to the man and show the world that curly hair is beautiful too. The best part about curly hair? When you show it love and care, it will show you love back.

Watch my video and let me spell it out for you.

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