Many curly and wavy haired girls would agree that frizz is a fierce foe. If you want to defeat the enemy then it’s going to require you get cool, or rather cold, and if that doesn’t work then you may need to change up a few of your habits. Here are seven cool ways to beat frizz once and for all.

1. Cool It

Rinse your hair in cool water (turn the faucet down as cold as you can bear”> to lock in moisture and prevent that unwanted frizz. Taking cold showers aren’t as relaxing as our hour long warm ones but the results are enough to convince you. Not only do they prevent frizz, they also keep your hair color from fading if you’ve dyed it. Likewise, blow-drying your hair on a cooler setting for the last minute of your process will contain the frizz resulting in a beautiful shine. Score!

2. Refrigerate Before Use

Store your leave-in conditioner in the refrigerator between uses as an alternative to taking those not-so-awesome cold showers. If you want stronger, shinier strands but are not willing to give up your hot shower, then this is the next best thing. It will work in the same way to seal the cuticle in the final step of your hair care routine.

3. Co-llaborate

Don’t worry co-washing doesn’t mean having someone else wash your hair for you (talk about awkward”>. It simply means cleansing your hair with only conditioner rather than shampoo. This treatment hydrates dry hair making it shiny and healthy. You can also create your own cowash by cocktailing your conditioner with your shampoo (read here for an easy recipe”>. For some naturally curly girls, co-washing is all they do.

4. Conditioning, Not the Hair Product. Exercise.

Ladies, your hair can still look great and smell awesome when you are working out. Before you hit the gym make sure to distribute leave in conditioner or styling cream in your hair. After doing so just put your hair in a bun and go work out. This will keep the moisture in your hair.

5. The Curl Diet

Did you know that eating fruits and vegetables keeps your hair healthy? Well now you do! Asparagus contains folic acid, which is great for reviving thick hair and quickening hair growth. For those of you who lose hair easily, Garbanzo Beans will limit the loss and protect your hair from damage. Lentils contain a fair amount of iron which gives curls that bouncy look. Avocados consist of vitamins B and E, which will make your scalp healthier along with your curls! If you are experiencing frizz and no amount of product is making a dent, it might be time to take a look at your diet.

6. Quit Heat

Having curly or wavy hair isn’t easy at times. For some girls (including myself”> if we let our hair air dry it will end up extremely frizzy, but if we try to tame the curls/ waves with a straightener our hair fries. For those of you who do not have these problems, I am jealous. However, there are solutions to this dilemma. This heatless wave trick has saved me so much time and I recommend it to every curly girl!

7. The Nighttime Frizz Fighter

Let’s face it; morning hair for curly and wavy girls can sometimes resemble a lion’s mane. This trick will turn your role of ‘king of the jungle’ to the queen of curly hair. Sleeping with a high ponytail will ward off the frizz and the unnecessary craziness. I recommend using a scrunchie or a thick, elastic headband to tie your hair up with. These products are less likely to break your hair and won’t leave a crease. With this trick you’ll be able to start your day without having to tame your mane. Bow down.

This article was written by Hayley Sureck.



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