Just when you thought you've seen it all before. There are two new unconventional hair trends lighting up social media, both literally and figuratively.

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Glow-In-The-Dark Hair

From wall decals to lampshades to bumper stickers, it's only been the recent decade or so that we've witnessed our luminescent fascination transition from being displayed on inanimate objects to our very own bodies--nails, clothing, and now, hair. The latter seems to have Instagram and Tumblr in an uploading frenzy and we're not sure what to think of it just yet. Brands like Manic Panic, Tigi, and many popular salons across the nation are already capitalizing on the trend:


A combination of snowflakes and highlights, "snowlights" is a fresh, seasonal take on a timeless trend that spans hair types, genders, and ages. Randomly scattered pieces of an off-white shade speckle no more than half of a client's head. Also referred to in the past as "babylights", this trend can be seen as a less intimidating way to go platinum without making the commitment headfirst. It's also a great way, according to stylists, to bring out dimension and volume of a lob haircut.

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Naturally Curly world, what do you think?

Will you be sporting one of these hair trends in 2016? Would you let your curly kiddo sport it?