curly tee towel and sleep bonnetAs many curly girls will tell you, terry cloth towels are our hair's enemy. Why? They roughen up the cuticle and can cause our hair to become frizzier, rougher and unmanageable. I have not used terry cloth towels on my hair now for years and it does make such a big difference! The Curly Tee Towel and Sleep Bonnet are made of 100% cotton jersey which will absorb water but not your hair products. Not only that, they will help your hair dry with significantly less frizz (vs a terry towel) in less time, whether you blow dry or air dry.

Getting good hair days is not always about the actual hair styling products, shampoos and conditioners you use. Other tools (even down to your towels and how you sleep) do make a difference in how well your hair can turn out.

What they say

  • Protection: Reduces Breakage and Retains Length
  • Beauty: Soft to the Touch Hair and Frizz Free
  • Moisture: Absorbs Water Not Your Hair Products
  • A Snug Fit: Stays Put, Even When Sleeping
  • Vegan & Earth Friendly 

"Plopping Made Easier!: Get Great Curls Without Throwing Your Back Out...A Product That Works for Your Hair Type: 100% Cotton Jersey Safe for All Types"

What I say

I like the Curly Tee Towel! One of my favorite features is the fact they offer an original size and an Extra Long Size- perfect for those like me out there whose hair is just too long for most towels! I have gotten so used to seeing the ends of my hair stick out of everything and having to adjust towels so perfectly to cover them- not with them! The Curly Tee Towel covers all of my hair with ease.

The Curly Tee is easy to use, too. After the shower and applying all of my styling products, I flip my head upside down and place all of my hair inside the curly tee. The inside of it looks kind of like a bag. I like the fact the bottom of the tee is closed because it insures my ends or any of my hair does not get neglected. I then adjust the top to sit on my forehead and tie the two strings together so it stays put. I like the fact there is a tie option, it helps the Curly Tee stay put. The tie option allows you to adjust the fitting to the exact size of your head. I then plop my hair on top of my head and take the two "tee arms" and tie them together gently on top. I then tuck the strings inside. The Curly Tee keeps my hair out of my way while I do my skin care and body care, while absorbing water at the same time. Once done with everything else in my routine I remove the curly tee, find my part, scrunch a little and I am happily on my way. If you ever had problems trying to "plop," I believe this product does make it easier.

The Curly Tee Sleep Bonnet is made of the same cotton jersey as the Curly Tee. This is another winner. I have tried so many different satin sleep bonnets because I know that sleeping in a bonnet helps with tangles, breakage and can extend a hair wash to days 2, 3 and beyond. According to the Curly Tee site, if the satin bonnet isn't real satin, this can also dry the hair out. I never knew that before. My problem with satin bonnets was that they never stood on my head throughout the whole night. Despite my best intentions, after all my tossing and turning I would inevitably wake up with no bonnet on. The Curly Tee Sleep Bonnet is great because the draw string feature allows me to customize it to be the perfect size for my head. The Sleep Bonnet not only stays put, my my hair looks great the next day. I usually pineapple my hair underneath in a thick scrunchie.

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