Detangling your hair can be one gruesome task, especially when it’s long. Should you brush? Comb? In the shower? Fortunately, there are many methods to detangle your hair, and here we will present one of the most commonly used methods, finger detangling.

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Pros of finger detangling

  • Less hair fall out

  • No need to purchase a comb or brush

  • Less painful than using a brush

  • Gentler process than brushing

  • Less Breakage

So how should finger detangling be done on long hair?

What you need

  • Spray bottle

  • Water

  • Conditioner

  • Hair clip

  • Fingers (of course”>

How to do it

  • Fill your spray bottle with water

  • Pour in a few teaspoons of conditioner

  • Shake the spray bottle and soak your hair with it

  • Grab a hair clip and put up all of your hair

  • Let down the lowest section and spray it, rake your fingers through it and work through any tough knots

  • Let down the next upper section and repeat the process; spray it, rake through and work through tough knots.

  • Repeat until all your hair is detangled

This process is better done before your shower. With this process your hair will be conditioned and tangle free before you even shower, which will cut back a lot of time on washing and conditioning.

How do you detangle your long wavy or curly hair?

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