Show us your style! We'd love to see your wedding, braid and accessory looks.

When I get an invitation to a wedding there are typically 3 things that run through my head:

"How exciting! I knew (or never thought) they would get married!"

"What am I going to wear?"

"How am I going to do my hair?"

We have put together a list of five ways to get a great hairstyle for the wedding you are attending so you don’t have to fret when trying to decide on the perfect style.

    wedding hair styles

  1. Use Curlformers for a different curl pattern: If you haven’t used Curlformers already, a wedding is a great event to test them out. It can give you a curl pattern that you don’t have naturally without damaging your hair in any sort of way. Curlformers are so easy to use and just as quick that you won’t feel like you are taking too long to get ready for an event that is not your own. They are also great because you can use the four following styles along with your Curlformers.
  2. Spice up your ‘do with some accessories: Accessories are great for adding life to a simple hairstyle. Accessories from places like Forever 21 or Claire's will add a new dimension to your style. If you want to incorporate the wedding colors or style and don’t have the outfit to do so, get a hair accessory that can do that for you. You can also take things a more natural route and get some flowers that will match the wedding. Outdoor weddings give you an opportunity to fit in with the surroundings while also making a statement with your hair.
  3. Goody Spin Pins: The new collection of Simple Styles from Goody makes it easy to get a style that is still formal and festive, without having to do much. The Spin Pin is great because it can give you a polished and refined bun or it can give you a more loose and natural bun with a few curls hanging out. It’s a great way to create a style that will match the tone of the wedding you are attending.
  4. Braids, braids, braids: When I think of braids I think of being a little girl and my mom French braiding my hair while I sat and complained about it. Thankfully, braids have come a long way, and they are an excellent way to add some flair to your hair. A braid in the front that tucks behind your hair will add a sophisticated look without losing the fun factor. Several smaller braids will also add a formal look to a hairstyle. Braids are becoming more and more popular for special events.
  5. wedding hair styles

  6. The soft and loose look: Even though it is a wedding, we don’t always want to have to wear our hair prim and proper, and we shouldn’t have to! Softer looks like a half up, half down that has a few pieces hanging down is a great option for a soft look. Any style that frames your face is going to make you have a softer look. A loose bun or up ‘do is good because it puts you at a step above of just having your hair down without having to go all the way to formal.

Wedding styles are difficult for some people because we always get told to never be too bold for fear of overpowering the bride. But we still want to look good for personal satisfaction and because you never know when single groomsmen may look your way.