Clipping your hair is a great way to give it instant lift at the roots where it might otherwise be flat. Curly hair looks great, but has a tendency to fall flat at the roots for type 2 waves due to gravity. Fortunately, you can offset gravity’s force and add body back to limp roots quickly and easily by using jaw clipping.

What You’ll Need

To start, you’ll need some jaw clips. You can either use the small ones or regular sized ones, depending on your hair density. If you want a ton of volume, and have a ton of hair, go big! Smaller clips will give you some volume, but not an overpowering amount.

The number of clips you’ll need depends on the size of the clips as well as how much volume you’re looking to add. If you just want a little volume in the front, you’ll only need a few clips. If you’re looking to add volume to the front and crown of your hair, you’ll want extra.

Also, be sure that your hair is damp when applying the clips. As hair goes from damp to dry, its shape is determined. Adding jaw clips to dry hair will only disturb the curl pattern.

What to Do

Comb through your damp, towel-dried hair as you usually do either using your fingers, a wide-toothed comb or whatever you usually use. Separate the hair that you want to clip. For most people, this means sectioning off from temple to temple with a part going through the crown area. Secure the rest of your hair so that it isn’t caught up in the hair you’ll be clipping.

Separate the top part of the hair that you sectioned off into at least five sections with a part going from the front of your hair toward the back of it. Alternatively, you can separate the front part of your hair into two sections, then clip off to the sides of that part.

If you have a product that you like to use for added volume, now would be the time to apply it. In fact, if curls tend to slump by midday, it would be a good idea to apply a volume-enhancing curl cream. You’ll then clip off the sections that you’ve divided your curls into, then let it air dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can dry it with a diffuser.

Once you remove the jaw clips, the look isn’t that impressive. But after you flip your hair upside down, give it a shake, then stand back up, you’ll be amazed at the volume your hair has.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the added volume you’ll notice immediately, you’ll also notice that your hair will now have root curl. Instead of coming out at the roots straight and curling somewhere down the hair shaft, your hair will show an instant curl straight from the scalp. For wavies, this means more curl, and for curlies, less triangle head. It’s a win for everyone!

Tasha Swearingen

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