If you get bombarded with questions upon taking one step out of your salon’s door, such as “Who did your hair?” “How much did it cost?” and the popular, “How did she do that?” then you should consider entering NaturallyCurly.com’s Salute to Stylists giveaway!

Rave about how well your stylist keeps your curls in check and you can win $300 in products and services! Your stylist will get rewarded, too. Do you think your stylist would like a trip to New York for a 3-Day Deva Curlaboration and to be declared the 2011 National Curly Expert by NaturallyCurly.com? That’s what the stylist with the most positive reviews will receive, and there are many more prizes to be given away!

To enter the Salute to Stylist giveaway and see the full list of prizes, click here and enter your positive review in the Salon Finder Section. Giveaway ends February 15th.