Your attention to detail is impeccable. But try wearing a messy bun for once...a real messy bun.

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Happy Birthday Virgo! It's your time to outshine everybody else and have the spotlight completely on you. But what will your hair and beauty say about who you are this month?

August 23-September 22

Qualities You Possess

  • You are humble. Your peers look up to you, but you don't let it get to your head.
  • You like to analyze. Every little detail matters and order is necessary.
  • You can be blunt. Getting straight to the point is fine, but sometimes your truths are harsh.
- don't focus on the specifics. Allow yourself to wear a messy bun for once (and it actually be messy).

What does this mean?

Since it's your month to sparkle in the spotlight, it's ok to be more outspoken than usual. Just remember that not all people can handle your firm opinions, so soften the blow next time your friend asks you how she looks in her new dress.

Attention to detail is everything to you. This time around, however, don't focus on the specifics. Allow yourself to wear a messy bun for once (and it actually be messy). Or tie a loose low ponytail on a chill off day--the tedious twist and curl can wait for the work week.

Find time to really divulge in caring about yourself without seeming rude to those around you. Don't waste precious time worrying. Ask yourself this: What is perfect? Who am I trying to impress? Am I trying too hard, or is this solely for my satisfaction?

Based on your traits, you may find inspiration in these:

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