New blogger will address the needs of wavies

I started working with NaturallyCurly almost a month ago and I have learned a lot about the curly world. One thing I have noticed during my journey is that there are not very many blogs that deal with wavy hair! Considering I myself am a wavy, I thought this should be fixed. So here I am starting a wavy blog for everyone to enjoy and hopefully get some great tips from. Along with comments in general, I would love to hear any suggestions you have for future topics. As for this first blog I wanted to make it more of an introduction to my hair and myself.

AG Recoil

AG Re:Coil Curl Activating Balm

I have always had naturally wavy hair but when I went in to my first year of high school I really started to embrace it. I used to hate it when I was younger because it would not dry straight, or curly, like all of my other friends’ hair would. It would irritate me that I could not be one or the other; I was just an in-between! As I started realizing that there were products made just for my hair type, I began experimenting and decided I loved everything about my waves! Yes, I do still have bad hair days, but on those days I just go with the flow and pull my hair in a wavy ponytail.

Working at NaturallyCurly has been great for my waves. I have been able to try numerous products that I have never even heard of. I tend to create a new “wavy regimen” once a week. Right now, however, I feel like I can’t live without the KMS Sea Salt Spray, the AG Re:Coil Curl Activating Balm, duckbill clips, and of course my diffuser. The KMS works great for me right out of the shower. I always use my duckbill clips, one on each side of my part and one in the back, to lift my hair off of the crown of my head, before I do anything else. I spray my hair with the KMS and get on with my morning routine. Once I’m done with everything else I diffuse my hair for about 10 minutes and then I’m done. It’s a simple way to get great natural waves. When I feel like doing a little less, even though my morning routine isn’t much, I shower at night and turn to my AG. I pat the water out of my hair, apply about a 50-cent piece amount of AG to my hair, and get to bed. When I get up in the morning I have great-looking waves that last me all day.

KMS Sea Salt Spray

KMS Sea Salt Spray

I have learned to love my waves and I love trying new products and styles. Embracing your natural look is great but I also love having different options. My goal for this monthly blog is to give you different products that will enhance your waves, suggest different styles, different treatments that you might want to try, and dish on other wavy news.

Like I said, feel free to suggest different topics or products you would like to know about or even see me try. Wave on.

Wave On/Alyssa Hawkins

Thanks so much for this great blob. I will follow it a lot. Are you CG? Wondering if the wonder waves mousse is curly girl safe?

OMG! This is awesome!!! I am a 2B/C on a good curly day with product. I am looking for a very light weight cream or gel alternative(Huge anti-frizz) to leave in the plop over night. My aim is a good curl/wave when dry with minimum fuss the next morning. I usually restyle the bed head with watered down leave in conditioning spray or wave enhancing spray the next morning. Any ideas?

Change is good! Gotta mix the hair stuff up often. I'm about to start working on my video with some AWESOME new products so be on the watch for that since you need to mix it up. It should be posted on the naturallycurlydotcom YouTube channel within the week.

As everyone before me has said: thank you, thank you, thank you. I also have in-between hair. Sometimes it's more wavy and sometimes I manage to get some good curls. I never know which way it will go on any one day. I think our type of hair is one of the most difficult to style well. I've been using a combination of CurlKeeper and Devachan's Angel for a long time, but it's not working as well for me lately and my Deva dry cut has been looking choppy. Time for a change so I'm looking forward to your blog posts.

The Dark Queen: Really? I LOVE that show but have never really thought about that. I'll have to ponder it :) I'm going to throw in a product review every time I post so be on the look out!

Thanks for the new blog. I used to have lots of curls, but my curl seems to have loosened over the years. Blah. So, I'm looking forward to your insight on waves. Keep up the product reviews; definitely handy! P.S. You look like Alia Shawkat from "Arrested Development." That's a compliment :)

boriquacurls: I will be glad to do both of those! I'm still working on the hair cut part but as soon as I find a place that does a good job with my hair I will definitely pass it on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My hair lies between also. I would like it if you were able to review hair products that aren't too expensive & can purchase locally. Also a salon that is able to cut wavey/curly hair and style it properly without leaving it soaking wet because they dont know how to style our hair(without having to spend a fortune)I'm looking forward to your findings. Wave on :)

Thanks so very much for writing this blog! I'm a wavy trying to learn to embrace my waves!

Thank you for this! My hair falls somewhere between enthusiastic waves and 3a curls when I don't plop, and I'm really interested in trying different things to see what results I get, as I'm relatively new to being natural. I really look forward to this blog!!

bondgirl: (And sorry for the added l last time) Have you used the salon reviews that we have on here? I personally get a wet cut because that always works best for my hair. But I know the shorter I go the less wave I have..or the weirder my waves look. I usually just keep my hair at shoulder length and if it gets too short I have to wear it straight until it grows out. Definitely check out the reviews though and see if you find a salon close to you that people really recommend.

Do you think wavies should have a dry (Deva) cut or a wet cut? I just can't seem to get a good haircut no matter how much I spend. I am currently growing out a hatchet job. Sob. I am strictly limiting myself to three haircuts a year, the experience is always so bad.

crazy_wavy: I'm here to please! Hopefully my wavy blog will reach many more wavies so they can be certain that Naturally Curly caters to them as well. And please let me know if you have any specific questions I can address! blondgirl: I actually tend to agree that Type 2 can be rare. Most people I know are completely curly or practically straight. For example, my mom could be considered a 2A but for her that's not enough wave to do anything with so she has to blow dry it and straighten it every day. Where as I am a 2C so I can get away with wearing it wavy or straight. And my friend is a complete curly. I definitely see less people with just waves. I do agree with you though that my hair is the queen of frizzing. If I let it air dry without any products in it, it's a crazy day. It made it very frustrating for a while but I'm finding more and more things to use to prevent that.

Why does the curl typing article claim that Type 2 is a relatively rare type? Do you agree? It seems that most people would fall somewhere in the middle between straight and all out curly. In any case, I do think it is the most difficult and frizz prone type to care for -- neither neat and straight nor clumped and curly.

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! thats all im thinking right now cause im a wavie too and clicking around this site there arent many wavy-friendly articles. so thank you for starting one and i am looking forward to your posts :)