BB creams are products that promise a little bit of everything--protection, nourishment and better texture. They are usually associated with skin, but now they're slowly becoming popular as a hair styler and protectant. They aid in providing a soft hold, vitamins and definition to curls. They can often be more nourishing then gels and leave less build up. They don’t have a “crunch” effect when your hair dries, as some gels and even mousses typically leave behind. Some of the newer BB creams can be a great addition to your hair arsenal, or collection of products. However, you should know how to use them for your wavy or curly hair, first.

Helpful Tips On Using BB Cream For Hair

  1. Use a light moisturizing curl or BB cream as a leave-in when your curls are thirsty. Mix it with a gel that plays well with others for a combination of moisture and curl definition, especially in hot and humid conditions.

  2. Use a little extra BB cream in the fall and winter, when the air is cooler and drier. Try one that has both moisturizing and defining properties so that you don’t have to add gel and be concerned about having limp waves.

  3. Make sure the BB cream mixes well with gels or work well by itself. Before covering your whole head and ending up with a crunchy flakey mess, test a smaller section of your hair with the cream and your choice of gel to be sure they work well together. To use a curl cream by itself, look for one that says it defines curls or enhances curls. Sometime curl creams like this are called gel-creams.

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Which ones should I try?

Here are some great brands that have BB creams especially made for hair.

How to Apply BB Cream to Hair

Applying your cream is simple and much like the way in which you apply a gel. After your shower, section your hair into 3 to 5 sections. On wet hair, apply the amount directed of the product to each section. Working the creme from the root to the end of the hair. You may want to also leave a little extra on the ends of your hair for some extra protection from climate elements and split ends.

Once you've applied the cream, allow your hair to dry only 50-60%. Allow the product to work its magic. If you want to experiment by adding gel, this works well also. Do so after your next wash day to figure out how the BB cream works alone, first.

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