Ingredients are integral to the making of any product, including hair care products. For every kind of hair, including wavy hair, there are great ingredients perfect for your own respective hair type, and those that are not so great. As someone with type 2 hair, there are the usual suspects, but it is really so much more. Not only do you have to worry about moisturizing and shine, but the weight of the product can directly affect the look of your hair as well.

Strength in Numbers

One of the best things you can do for wavy or fine hair is to strengthen it. There are several hair product ingredients that accomplish just that. Keratin is a natural building block for all hair types (including wavy hair”>, and as an ingredient, fills in gaps of the hair cuticle, strengthening the overall strand of hair. Ginseng root also strengthens hair and prevents split ends, leading to less breaks in the hair. Wheat protein is another ingredient that strengthens hair.

Of course, it isn’t just about the inner strength of your hair, but the outer strength too. While keratin, ginseng and wheat protein all help build up the hair, other hair product ingredients including silicone and collagen can create a protective film around the hair cuticle. These ingredients are in hair products for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they keep wavy hair in place, but they also cover and prevent breaks, tears or split ends. In the end, silicones and collagen provide more slippage leading to easier combing. If your hair is damaged or if you have fine hair, silicones will add a protective barrier to protect the follicle in all weather.

Emollients for Wavy Hair

Overall, as long as you have moisture in your waves, you won’t have unhealthy frizz.

Simply defined, an emollient is usually an oil or form of fatty acid that helps your hair absorb nutrients and moisture. Emollients are perfect additions to hair care products for this very reason. Ceteryl alcohol is not only an emollient, but an emulsifier, conditioner and thickener as well, which is great for wavy hair. It’s thickening and conditioning properties are a good component for wavy and fine hair. Sweet almond oil, in contrast, is a lighter emollient and moisturizer that does not weigh down hair, leaving more defined waves.

Other emollients to look for include olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and sesame oil.

Reduce Frizz

To many, frizz seems like a secondary issue, but frizz may be the result of an underlying problem. Frizz isn’t just a bad hair day for your waves. It’s a direct result of dry and even damaged hair. That’s why many hair products, including wavy products, contain anti-frizz and pro-moisture ingredients.

Of all the ingredients that control frizz, aloe vera is number one. Aloe vera moisturizes the hair and scalp, reduces inflammation of the scalp and protects hair against heat damage. Ginseng root emollients also help battle frizz, while other ingredients such as glycerin provide slippage for ease while combing.

Overall, as long as you have moisture, you won’t have unhealthy frizz. To keep moisture in your waves throughout the day, be sure to add a light leave-in to your hair care routine along with an emollient. Do this, and your frizzy wave days will be SO yesterday.

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