Most days, I like for my curls to be clearly defined and well-polished.

There are some days however, that I like to embrace my waves and go for a messier, beachy look. On those days, I reach for my Ouidad Texture Taffy. The texture taffy is what I would describe as a mix between a styling cream and a finishing paste that will give you a messy style that is still put together. Not only do I like to use this as a first day product but it also can do wonders for second day hair. I wasn’t looking for this product when I picked it up; I was actually planning on picking up one of Ouidad's more popular gels. 

The texture taffy is what I would describe as a mix between a styling cream and a finishing paste that will give you a messy style--that is still put together.

First impressions

  • has a true taffy texture
  • has great ingredients (algae extract and aloe leaf juice)

I found this sitting on the shelf and knew I had to try it. When I opened this for the first time and felt its odd and true taffy texture, I was pretty put-off. but after trying it out on my hair I realized that its unappealing texture was an easy part to get past to enjoy the benefits. This product is made with algae extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice, leaving hair feeling soft--never stringy or crunchy.

How I used it

  • on 1st day hair as a gel replacement
  • on 2nd day hair with a curl spray
  • scrunch in after applying a leave-in conditioner and cream

I find this product has multiple uses, which is a big plus in my collection. When using it for first day hair I enjoy using it in place of a gel.  I find that it gives the hold needed to keep frizz away but gives beachy curls that look cute and in style. After adding my leave-in conditioner and my cream, I scrunch this into my hair before it has had the chance to dry too much. For success in using this product, I find that rubbing it between my hands and warming it up before scrunching it into your hair will make the product more malleable and leave you needing less product to get better results.

This product is also awesome for second day hair. Although it may seem a little scary to add something so stringy and sticky feeling to dry hair it actually can produce a beautiful effect in your curls. I have found it best to get your hair wet with a curl spray like the Ouidad Botanical Boost or Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray and then again rub between your hands to warm up and scrunch in. When using this product at second day hair, it is a must to really work this product in for it not to leave a sticky feeling at all.

Final thoughts

In the end, I would say this is a great product--even for the price. Not only does a little go a long way, but it has multiple uses, too. This product has now found its way to being a staple in my hair care routine and something I feel with a little practice a lot of people could learn to love as well.  If you are looking for something to give you fun beachy waves look no further than Ouidad Texture Taffy.

Still unsure of how to apply this product?

Feel free to check out my review and demo on how I apply it for both first and second day hair: