Looking for an edgy take on a classic updo for the holidays? Luckily, getting your hair to mirror Olivia Munn's for the day may not be as out of reach as it may sound.

Olivia's messy bun was created from a French braid. The braid runs down the left side of her hairline and added a stunning, structural outline that framed her face well. Her naturally wavy, thick mane certainly helped with the texture of the updo.

Recreate the look

  • Start with a small section of hair, braid it along your hairline, and secure with a small elastic.
  • Add texture to the rest of your falling hair with a texturizing spray, mousse, or curling wand.
  • Using the remaining hair, pull back into a low messy bun (no precision needed) and secure. Use a pomade on flyaways for a sleeker look.
  • Tuck the braid into the bun as you secure it.

Bedazzle it

Modify this hairstyle for the holiday season by adding some jeweled pins to your hair, a metal headband, or a satin ribbon into the braid.

Who this style works for

this messy French braid bun works well for medium to longer length wavy or curly hair. Don't forget to ask your stylist for their input as well. Refer him or her to this article for guidance on how you want your hair styled for the holidays.

Embracing the messy bun and a French braid may just be another great way to help celebrate a sparkling holiday season!