Wavies need to be extra careful when stepping under a stream of water. If the water pressure in your shower is too forceful, it can leave your hair looking limp when you get out.

On the other hand, a stream of water coming out too slowly may not thoroughly rinse out conditioners, resulting in waves that looks weighed down.

Granted, it isn’t only wavy girls that have issues with water pressure. The problem exists for all hair types. However, because type 3 and type 4 gals often have thicker heads of hair, they can use a particularly bizarre, but useful, tool in the shower to protect their texture: hair nets.

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The premise behind using hair nets in the shower is that it helps to keep texture undisturbed from too much water pressure. In other words, if you have a high pressure shower, using a hair net will help to keep your hair in place, without disturbing the curl pattern, so that you can experience more texture and less frizz.

While the outcome sounds ideal, wavies often find pitfalls in the hair net usability realm.

Waves & Nets Don’t Mix

Much of the curly hair information out there focuses on those with defined curls or ringlets (type 3″> or coily (type 4″> hair. While this information may be useful for girls with super curls, those with wavy hair are wondering what they can do. One such piece of advice is the suggestion of using a hair net in the shower, which doesn’t leave any room for wavies to detangle and can result in a matted mess.

Wavies often need to be able to apply generous amounts of conditioner and detangle with fingers or a wide-toothed comb in the shower. With a hairnet on, this is obviously impossible. On top of this, hairnets can just sag with the weight of the water since wavy hair tends to be lightweight, which would rather defeat the purpose of using one. Additionally, the small strands of hair that come through the holes in the hairnet leads to frizzy-looking hair when wavies step out of the shower.

Hair Net Alternatives for Waves

You understand that you need to be gentle with your waves under the shower so as not to disturb the wave pattern, but hairnets are totally out of the question. What can you do instead?

Try cupping your hair with both hands before holding it under the water. This will ensure that the water pressure doesn’t force your hair into an unnatural position, putting a strain on your waves. Instead of standing directly under the shower to rinse out your hair, try standing in front of the stream and tilting your head forward, then rinse out your hair in sections.

Have you found any good hair net alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!

Tasha Swearingen


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