Wedding season is just around the corner with the official start of summer. Trendy looks change from season to season, and this year is no exception.

Down ‘dos, hair accessories, and softer updos seem to be the trend this season that every bride needs to make her look a complete showstopper. Curls and waves are still as popular as ever so never be afraid to keep your hair in its natural state on your wedding day.

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In the past, sleek updos have been the “go to” bridal look.This season, however, sleek updos are a look of the past. Down ‘dos and softer styles are far more popular. Romantic waves and luscious curls are still a must-have for many brides. If that is a look you want to go for on your wedding day, leave your hair down after curling it and add an accessory to finish your look. If you want an up ‘do on your special day, consider a softer look. A loose side bun or ponytail are great ways to still get your hair away from your face while having a glamorous look.

Whether wearing your hair in a soft up ‘do or down on your wedding day, hair accessories are becoming very popular for brides. Flower and decorative combs are easy and affordable ways to dress up every hairstyle and get a great end result. Flowers are a great touch to an up or down ‘do. You can get a real one that will match your flowers or just a simple white or ivory one to match your dress. Flowers go great for brides who are having an outdoor wedding and want to match the setting. They are also great for any bride who does not want to wear a veil but still wants something in her hair to tie her final look together. Look for flowers that are big enough to make a statement but not so big that they will take away from any other aspect of your wedding day look.

Decorative combs and clips are also something to look at adding to the mix when deciding on a hairstyle. They can instantly add a level of “glam” to your hair that otherwise would not be there. These are great for your wedding day because they can be used for any hairstyle that you decide to do. If you wear your hair down you can add a clip to one side to add a little flair. If half up is more your style a clip or comb can be used to hold your hair in place while also giving it a great sparkle. If you decide to wear your hair all up, combs and clips can be used throughout your hairstyle to achieve a decorative and put-together look. These tools are great to complete your look for the simple reason that they can be used with any style you decide works best.

When brides think of trendy looks for your wedding day hair, most think of styles and accessories like a flower or comb. The biggest accessory that is sometimes forgotten when considering hairstyles is the veil. Most brides see this as part of the wedding dress, but the veil often times completes the bridal look and also has an effect on your hairstyle. This season, the veil of all veils is the birdcage. It is chic and classic look that also photographs well. This veil does not take away anything from a hairstyle or dress, but instead adds a timeless look. With the birdcage veil you can wear an up ‘do or down ‘do and even add a little accessory to get a great finished look.

Between different styles and accessories, this year is no let down on trends. Take advantage of them and add a great look to your wedding day style that you might otherwise be worried about trying.