the cut life

An essential part of natural hair care is having regular trim sessions. that we should, with good practice, fit into our hair regimens. However, the question is how effective are these trim and cutting session we put our hair through; are the ends being cut with precision to better the condition of our hair.  There has been an item gaining popularity in the hair market commonly known and marketed as cutting lotion.

What is Cutting Lotion?

Cutting lotions come in a milky ointment or in the form of a spray. They ease the process of razors and shears against the hair and the surface of skin. Professional barbers use them to minimize the irritation caused by the friction of the blades during shape-ups. The newer cutting lotions also have been containing added ingredients to aid in the manageability and protection of hair and skin.

Cutting Lotion versus Styling Lotion

Styling lotion is commonly used to prepare our hair for a great style for the following day; in some cases it has a soft hold to eliminate the need for a gel of styling foam. Cutting lotion has the moisturizing benefits of helping with moisture retention, protection against friction with any hair tools, and allowing cutting tools to glide through strands or against the skin. The major difference between a cutting lotion and a styling lotion is that a styling lotion may temporarily mask the damage of hair making any visible hair trauma less noticeable while cutting lotion has a formulation that helps seal the cuticle layer to prevent split ends. A cutting lotion should be used regularly by those of us who get regular trims and want to keep our edges crisp.

the cut life

Cutting lotions are making such a big splash in the hair market. Here are some to consider trying:

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk

This cutting lotion is loaded with many benefits from moisturizing to strengthening to professional. The miracle milk has multiple uses as a moisturizer; it works as a  leave-in conditioner, controls frizz, conditions transitioning hair, and much more. Miracle 25 also prevents damage from hair brushing. It seals the cuticle, primes hair for styling, and prevents split ends. Last but not least, the Mizani Miracle Milk is also safe on color treated hair, making blow drying easier by evening out porosity.

Blade Gilde

The Blade Glide cutting lotion comes in a silky formula that allows shears and razors to pass smoothly through the hair and against the skin. Similar to the Miracle Milk, Blade Glide also can be used as a leave-in conditioner and helps in balancing out hair porosity. This particular product has an added bonus of extending the usage of the blade. Blade Glide moisturizes the skin in the process, making it easier for the blade to pass against the skin with little irritation. For precise cuts with shears, Blade Glide keeps the hair wetter longer and helps it retain moisture during styling.

Tressa Cutting Edge Cutting Lotion

The Tressa Cutting Edge cutting lotion comes packed with many different keratin amino acids to deeply strengthen the cortex of the hair strands. The keratin and silk amino acids work together to repair cracked areas in the shaft and cuticle of the hair which helps with better sealing in the moisture of hair. Tressa Cutting Edge ensures thermal protection for heat usage, too.

Diamond Cut Cutting Lotion

The Diamond Cut Cutting Lotion helps prolong the longevity of the blades and razors while conditioning all hair types for clean cuts. This product helps control the motion of the hair and disorderly ends for a polished finish. The Diamond Cut, unlike its competitors, works to combat potential brittleness of the hair and ensures your texture and ends are smooth and free of split ends.

RedKen One United

The Redken One helps even porous hair, safe for ombre and color treated hair, and provides lightweight results. One of the unique qualities about Redken’s One United is its anti-static formula for those with a frizz halo.

To sum it up

The new popularity of cutting lotion is one to support a healthier hair movement. Healthy hair leads to longer hair and longer hair comes from proper care and length retention. Having precise cut ends will absolutely help with achieving hair goals by preventing snagging of your ends around each other. If you get regular shape-ups, a cutting lotion will take your hairstyles to the next level.