texturizing spray

Modern hair styling mocks the natural elements of the world more than ever. Nature has a way of ebbing and flowing, yet you often see gradient textures along the earth’s landscape. Today’s cultural styling trends pull from these elements of nature, which has resulted in more texture driven styling. Texture sprays are able to deliver that next level texture to your look, no matter what type of hair you have.

What is texturizing spray?

Today’s texture spray creates texture on the surface of the hair shaft for the styling options we crave. An extremely popular texture spray is the Aquage Collection Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. This is a volume-building styling spray that adds thickness and helps create texture.

Who is it for?

Texturizing sprays are typically used for creating body and styles with hold. This styler can enhance body and styling with any hair type that is healthy. Women and men who desire enhanced body want to mirror the fresh from the beach look or a thicker appearance. Texturizing sea spray creates volume by separating the hair strands from another and providing a firm hold to make that strand by strand lift and definition last.

What's in it?

This particular product achieves this exceptional performance via polymers, specifically VP/VA copolymer, which Cosmetic Info notes as an ingredient that adds hold by inhibiting the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. According to Happi Magazine, “Hair fixative polymers generally function by forming films that spot-weld and seam-weld the hair in the desired style.” What makes this texturizing spray so popular is also its beneficial nourishment through natural resources like sea salt and exotic extracts like himanthalia elongata extract (sea silk) and Neptune sea kelp extract.  

The best way to use it

Spray your freshly cleansed and towel dried hair liberally as a foundation for your style. Saturate and distribute the product into the hair and style using your fingers to scrunch, sculpt, or shingle your curls. To heighten the volume, use a diffuser attachment with high airflow. For a less voluminous look, allow the hair to air-dry.

“Aquage is all about combining the best of sea and science. Our sea salt is infused with magnesium rich sea botanicals and Dead Sea salts, which help with thickness and volume to get that random texture the girls are looking for. The hair benefits are nourishing- sea algae that help to strengthen the hair follicle. This is one of our top selling products because it demonstrates what we stand for as a brand. It is great because it is firm but doesn't have the crunch, especially when you have a naturally wavy texture and it is pretty impressive for definition.”- Fae Harris, Director of Marketing and New Product Development at SalonQuest

If your curls and waves are flat, limp, lifeless, heavy, or a little smoother than you would like them to be, then a texture spray can give you lift, volume, and strand by strand definition to turn your boring day-to-day into a dramatic “texture on the beach” look.

What is your favorite texturizing spray?