So you’re in your mid-twenties, have an estimated net worth of over 8 million dollars, were part of some amazing teen drama series and movies–and you just so happen to cuddle up to beautiful actor Ryan Reynolds every night. No worries, right? Wrong.

According to recent interview with Glamour Magazine, wavy blonde starlet Blake Lively doesn’t always have good hair days. “When my hair goes wrong, it goes all puffy and fuzzy, like a fluffy tent.”

Oh? I could only wish I was a fly on the wall while she began her morning hair routine everyday, because I just can’t picture this scenario. But it makes sense–I mean, stars are imperfectly human, too.

Even Blake Lively doesn’t always agree with her type 2 wavy hair. As beautiful and camera-ready as her locks are once we get the chance to see them on the red carpet, didn’t mean she ‘woke up like ‘dis’. She even dished out her magical secret to how her hair gets tamed before she becomes the center of the spotlight, saying, “I like Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist because it strikes the right balance- it’s softening, but also has a bit of grip.” As if we thought getting Blake Lively-esque hair was unreachable, check this out: this oil is available online for less than 15 bucks. And according to L’Oreal Paris, Elvive is a blend of 6 precious flower extracts, made especially for fine hair. It can be used as part of a conditioning treatment or a serum to add shine and finish off a style.

So now that the hair thing is taken care of, if only we can figure out if Ryan Reynolds has an eligible twin brother hiding somewhere…

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