Many wavy haired people fear that sealing with an oil won’t benefit their texture, or it may weigh it down. That’s not necessarily true.

When styling my wavy-curly hair, I have been sealing my wet, wavy hair with an oil now for years. For me, the L.C.O. method (which stands for leave-in, cream, oil”> works quite well. Sealing your hair with an oil can be very beneficial, even for wavies! 

Some sealing oils themselves do not moisturize hair. Sealing is the act of “locking in” moisture from water or products you apply to your hair. As opposed to moisturizing oils, which penetrates the hair shaft and adds moisture to the hair, sealing oils mostly do not penetrate but instead sit on top of the hair and hold in the moisture from other products.

Why use a sealing oil

  • shine
  • lock in moisture
  • softer hair
  • improve manageability for styling

Do you need to seal your wavy hair with an oil? Ask yourself this:

Are my waves dry and dull-looking?

If you are styling your hair and find that you crave more shine, less frizz or if your hair is ‘puffier’ than you would like, using a sealing oil may be just what your routine needs.

Do I style my hair while it is wet?

You can seal as a last step in your wet hair styling routine. Personally, I use a leave-in conditioner followed by a gel or cream and then I will go in with an oil. Since a lot of wavy types can get weighed down easily, it is best to start with very little and add more if needed if you feel you require more. Once you figure out the perfect amount of oil for your own hair, it will become like second nature.

Popular sealing oils for textured hair

Here are some of my favorite oil blends to seal with since I like the idea of getting the benefits of several oils at once: 

Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil

Okay this is my only favorite that is not an actual blend. What is unique about pure argan oil is it actually does moisturize the hair while sealing! Lightweight on my wavy hair, it is rich high in Vitamin E to help with elasticity, as well.

Ouidad MongongoOil

I like that this blend of Mongongo nut, coconut, broccoli seed and American palm seed oil comes in a spray to easily control and is very lightweight. This oil not only seals my hair, but it doubles as a heat protector. An added bonus: it fights off environmental damage! Another plus: the unique scent is incredible.

SheaMoisture High Porosity Finishing Elixir 

Another oil in a spray that features Mongongo oil! This one really adds in shine and promotes manageability for my hair. It also includes Baobab proteins and Apple Cider Vinegar for added smoothness. 

Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil Blend

I like that this sustainably sourced and ethically produced oil is as pure as it can get, without any additional fillers or ingredients aside from selected essential oils, which only benefit the hair more. It is lightweight and helps with frizz as well, repairing damage to the hair.

Obviously, everyone’s hair is different. If you have tried oil sealing before and it didn’t work out, that’s okay! Finding your perfect hair care regimen is all about trial and error.

Have you tried sealing your hair with an oil before?

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